Mephistopheles flash of light!

I have a path working with Mephistopheles where I get up at 3am and do meditation, visualisation and structuring for an hour guided by Mephistopheles. Every single morning when I am drinking my coffee about to get ready there’s a flash of light that lights up my temple. Almost like a lightning flash just small. That’s when I know he’s arrived. I don’t even need to call him lol. Got to love Mephistopheles. :slight_smile:
I recommend everyone work with him.


I have experienced flashes of light before with a different spirit. But I will check out Mephistopheles and let know I would like to connect .

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The Mephistopheles Pathworking from Asenath Mason is a little grimoire but extremly powerful.
:heart: Mephistopheles :heart:

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He appears to me pale with a young face blue eyes bald with goat horns and then he is wearing black chain mail that goes down into a skirt he wears very raggy black long sleeve shirt with black pants and leather boots that are super worn. He sometimes appears with a book and sword.