Does anyone have any recommendations on a deity that can be my mentor?

Any deity can be a mentor and teacher.

Who are you close to? Is there a specific pantheon you work with?

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[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:2, topic:115328”]
[/quote] I’ve worked with unseelie faeires in the past, a little with the seelie but I don’t have a go to deity and so maybe that’s why my magic seems to be iffy. The spirits have told me that aganju and esu is willing to work with me, but I don’t know so that’s why I came on here to see if anyone had any other recommendations.

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Unless a specific deity pops up spontaneously and offers to mentor, most people just go with whatever god or goddess most appeals them to see if they’re willing.

Mentoring is a very personal thing so it’s difficult for anyone to recommend a specific god or goddess because we don’t know you as well as the spirits you work with do, nor do we know what exactly you are seeking to learn.

Why not go with Aganju and Esu if other spirits say they are willing?

However, if you just want some names thrown out…

Lucifer (not a deity, but very popular)

…are all gods members of this forum have learned under.


quick question wdym by lucifer not a deity. if not what is he then!

Lucifer is not a deity, and has never been a deity. He has never been worshipped until fairly recently (Luciferianism). That’s why some people like to play the mask game, and try to claim he was worshipped in antiquity under different names.

I consider him to be a very powerful spirit, but he isn’t a god, even if some people try to promote him as such. Gods are quite distinct, at least in my experience.


Thank you. Some of the spirits that communicate with me are two faced. To answer your question.


What do you want mentoring in? Is there something specific you are wanting to learn? If there is, select a deity based on that.

If you want mentoring in magick, for example, Hecate is the Goddess of Witchcraft. Another good choice would be Thoth, who was the Egyptian god of magick.

Try The Archangel Michael

two faced spirit is the is how romans pictured Janus
it has connection to fairies

if you have connection to fairies you probably will do well with some deity of wilderness like Artemis or Pan


It depends entirely on what you gravitate towards, as well as what you wish to improve.

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My goal overall is to have more power in a sense. I gravitate towards darker sides of magic, and spirts hence me having communication with the unseelie fairies. Though they try to tempt me into becoming scared, it doesn’t work lol. But yea, someone who can help evolve my black magic. On a more advanced level.


Who is Janus? I’ve never heard of that name before.

Archangel Michael is more on the lighter side, though I’m not opposed to using light magic, I do gravitate and succeed better with darker magic.

Janus is a Roman god of beginnings, endings, transitions, gateways and time. He is usually depicted as having two faces, because he gazes into both the past and the future.

Then I recommend the goddess of witchcraft herself, Hecate.

as @DarkestKnight told you is a god of trasitions and gateways
I feel the conections to the fairies because according to the leyends you can spot or enter the fae kingdom in gateways in intermediate points where you are not in one place nor the other
in a way where Janus presides

Do you have any recommendations on how to begin a relationship with her? Also, do you know how I’m able to in a sense, be able to go into the darker spiritual world? You know how when you meditate and you try to go to the lower world or higher world (i.e 4th, 5th dimensions…) I’ve found that I have better chance of communicating with the spirits when I go to where they are located. Instead of them coming to me. Though I have trouble accessing that part. The grim reaper, maybe doesn’t want me to go there since he has tried to stop me, in fear of me not being able to get out. I hope I don’t sound weird.

Hecate is a goddess so there are hymns to her, and chants that you can use, like this one:


Belial, he’s a bit of a drill instructor to learn under, but good nonetheless.

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Hekate is a wonderful teacher. To begin a relationship with her, and understand that it may take some time, chant her enn while burning a black candle. I inscribed the candle with her name going from bottom to top and used some Hekate oil. One of the best ways to do that, is to go to YouTube and type in Hekate enn chanting, somehow the music and also chanting with someone else with the candle going seems to help me. She does like her enn. I still do this from time to time, especially if I’m having a rough day and can’t unwind to get in a meditative state, do try it.

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