Mentally evoking Lucifer Morningstar:

I twas mentally chanting his name telepathically:

L: that’s enough chanting Nicholas I’m here, now are you ready to form a pact with me?

Me: can we talk about our terms first?

L: sure that’s why you evoked me did you not?

Me: what would you like then?

L: semen and lots of it and your time as well,

Me: Is that it?

L: that’s all I need,

Me: in trade of these things I want you and Azazel’s nether lord Krehl’a’teral to teach me how to develop limitless ice powers,

L: I’m sure we can help you, it might take yourself a few years,

Me: tis there anyway I can get it in a month?

L: No,

Me: can you tell me why?

L: you got too many blockages,

Me: can you help me shatter them?

L: if I do you have to evoke me twice a day then I’ll put in a good word for you and ask Krehl’a’teral to teach you, I also want you to sleep deprive yourself to slip into theta gamma state, now all of this shall start next Monday whenever your mother leaves for vacation okay👌& if you wanna evoke me for love making I accept that too as payment,

Me: ok👌

Our pact:

Lucifer Morningstar:

Lots of semen and time,

Me: developing limitless ice powers and removal of my blockages,



Hi guys me Nicholas please no negative comments okay if y’all find me trying to achieve my ultimate goal of physical ice elemental manipulation than go ahead and laugh your hearts out but I’m willing to form a pact with Lucifer Morningstar just to get it developed, and yes I put myself underneath a alpha state trance whenever I twas performing this automatic writing✍️Don’t judge me okay I’m still a newbie at this, don’t know if I twas talking to myself or not which tis why I put myself in a alpha state trance to make sure I wasn’t, Multiverse Blessings leave your positive comments below and tell us what did you ask Lucifer Morningstar for whenever you made a pact with him??? Leave your comments down below:

This came to mind. It might help with some ideas.