Mental letter of intent, received immediate results?

Hey so earlier I did a mental letter of intent that I sent off into the universe in general but I was thinking of am angel or demon at the time. I was asking for a teacher and lover that’s basically like super powerful, intelligent, alpha male type, (big, strong, scary) and rather protective in general of the ones he cares about but would be fine with my human husband and child etc. Anyway afterwards I got kind of paranoid (like after u watch a scary movie) and my son who is one month old started fussing so as I was leaning over his crib to calm him once I straightened back up I got dizzy, it was super hard to breath, I could only take like little gasps of air, felt pressure on my chest and my body felt super weak. But none of it felt bad or made me afraid or anything, I was just kind of like oh so this is what’s happening now and was curious about it. When the sensations left I checked the time and it was 4:44am and huge, spooked, warning bells went off in my head because of that, I was still rather paranoid for a few hours after that. Now everything is back to normal and I’m calm.

I’m not sure what to do now or how to proceed with things if that was someone/something reaching out, any advice??

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It sounds more like an adrenaline rush and stress with dealing with your child early in the morning than spirit contact.

I respectfully disagree. Having an intense sensation like that doesn’t really seem… normal. So I’d hope it’s spirit contact and not some sort of worrying condition.