Mental image skull with hood


I’m getting this entity (mental image) of a skull with a good staying that my time is almost up. I think it’s a parasite or an egragore I may have crated through fear. When I threaten to use sage or even just imagine it, it gets scared.

Any opinions on this? It doesn’t leave.

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Put up wards. Imagine astral tendrils emanating from yourself and tear it apart.

Banish it, evoke an entity to help you.
Get one of us to help you remove it.

I have Barbatos patrolling , but it’s for physical attacks not mental.

Any suggestions?

Also please explain and elaborate on what you’ve mentioned “astral tendrils emanating” ? What is this?

Thanks a million.

It’s most likely your fear of death or dying, so he’s decided to visit you in the form you fear. Start studying the many possibilities that may occur after in the underworld. Also research death in it various forms, sounds like the image of Charon the ferryman of the dead, skull faced and hooded to take people to the other side.

Thanks for that.

Turns out I am Very comfortable with death actually. I have a strong death demonic. Within seconds of me reading the name of a dead person on a tomb stone, I make contact with it, simply by reading and no formal evocation.

I will take your advise.

I’m thinking of working with bune , whose one of the major necromantic demons as well.