Mental Disorders Confused for Psychosis

I have Autism (formally known as Asperger’s but now ASD or ASC).

However, due to my Spiritual Sensitivities & Abilities I have been thought to have & be diagnosed with Schizophrenia/ Schizoaffective Disorder.

Yet, neither of these Schizoid disorders would explain how I’ve been able to predict events & other such things with no other information, to such a degree that I could give details which “no one” could predict. Calling out detailed futute events with fine details (names, sequences of events, quotations of what would be said … i.e. conversations between people I would never meet verbatim … , drawling people (as a child) I wouldn’t meet until decades later, drawing myself as an adult with amazing detail … dreams of events that later played out… ext) …

And other info I’ve not had any other explanation for, nor anyone else, except that it’s Supernatural.

Even the voices I hear have told me things as about people that no one in that room but that person had any prior knowledge of, and I had no other way of knowing (save some spirit told me).

I’ve seen & had people witness certain medications being forcefully pushed out of my fingertips & palms (by certain spirits) … which doctors couldn’t explain nor ever seen.

Yes - I’m autistic … no I’m not Schizophrenic nor Schizoaffective … I’ve had more Specialist in both fields confirm this through their own detailed & long term observations & analysis…
Than I have had say I’m Psychotic, or Schizoid.

Most whom have said this, know very little about either Autism or Schizoid conditions … or little about one over the other … or have spent very little time interviewing me (less than 5 minutes).

So yeah …

To wrap it up: A few Atheist gave labeled me Psychotic/ Schizoid…

Many more “Far More Qualified” people who have spent more time observing me & running test & studying me & have greater knowledges in the fields of either Schizoid or Autism Spectrum Conditions … or Both … say:

I’m Autistic NOT Psychotic/Schizoid

And a few of these Sceptical Doctors have been stunned & made believers by some of my demonstrations of certain gifts of mine.


Hi there. I have a similar mental diagnosis. I hear voices all the time, the voices of people’s unconscious signals in the collective unconscious. I mean, NONSTOP voices. I used to believe they were subconscious signals, until I realized that other people are never aware of them.
However, the voices taught me to read subconscious signals as well, which are non-verbal.

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What really convinced I wasn’t Schizoaffective/ Schizophrenia was when I would feel a Family Members Presence (after having passed on to the other side) and even hear their voice, and friends whom had never met more seen any pictures of that person would glance over at me & see that person & be able to describe them to a T … when I hadn’t ever described or even talked as about them with or around them before.

i.e. My PaPa or my Grandma

Or be able to do the same with their loved ones whom had passed on to the other side.

Or hear voices & see being telling people what to say & then those people (humans) say exactly what they were influenced to say (often verbatim).

I’ve seen possesions take place; hearing & or seeing spirits enter & leave people at will (and often for no more than a laugh).

I’ve seen Angel’s, Demons, Devils, Elementals, Ghost, ext.

Heard them … Seen & Heard Gods …

Seen, Sensed, Smelt, Felt Energy fields (Such as Auras) ext. Mine own & Others …

My entire Life.

Still have yet figured out how to actively control Extra Sensory perceptions (some are always on though).

Plus I also have Hyper Sensory Abilities (Having both SPD, ADHD, Autism, & CPTSD).

I am looking to hopefully heal something like my CPTSD (at least to some degree) … or at least be able to treat it with Magic.

But my SPD (Sensory Processing Disorderl) & Autism have both made me an Awesome Artist & Photographer & even Musician (as I’m very sensitive to sounds, pitch, volume, subtle light shifts, levels, colors & shade & hue shifts & variations & or qualities).

So it comes as a gift & a problem all in one.

Though sometimes my SPD has made it hard to tell what was Supernatural & what wasn’t. However my Discernment of Spiritual Energies helps to identify these things.

I wholeheartedly agree, while I’m not qualified to give medical advice, that you probably have experienced some form of other-dimensional awareness.
I’ve been in mental hospitals over people believing that I shouldn’t be hearing or perceiving things their 5 senses can’t comprehend.

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I fully sympathize with you on this. Orlee Stewart herself (and other Magician & such which I have met) themselves have been diagnosed (in the past) with various “mental disorders” & often Psychotic or Schizoid conditions unfairly & unduly.

While I’m not saying such things don’t legitamently exist, I am saying that “Not all birds fly” … if you understand what I’m getting at.

The problem however is shaking such diagnosis, if you wish to do such a thing, once they’re given.

The other problem is (sometimes) determining the differences between physical or neurological illnesses & Spiritual matters (as sometimes the two cross over).

That said: It’s best to buddy up to the right powers in order to avoid & or cure any mental illnesses which can be caused or mimicked by Certain Spirits or Spiritual Influences.

I personally have noted vast improvements the moment I really Started to buddy up to & become far more loyal to My Father & Mother God & Godess… and their Lords & Ladies.

While I very well may be stuck with the diagnosis for the rest of my life … that’s fine. People will believe what they believe, and not believe what they don’t want to believe (willfully if need be).

While some may try to use my diagnosis against me, my Father & Mother God & Godess & Familiar Spirit Lords assure me they will use this diagnosis to my advantage when & where it need be used… for as long as it is needed.

When mo longer useful… or when no longer needed … it may then be discarded. It is really up to them & not me.

That said: no sweat. I know the truth & that’s all that really matters. No one else. Others can kiss my ass.
Enough said.

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So called mental illness is a funny thing with a lot of stigma. In other countries you’ll see it treated a bit differently especially in ‘uncivilized’ areas of the world. Those who hear voices or have hallucinations are seen as touched by the Gods instead of being caste aside and put into a negative role.

My wife has schizophrenia and what she’s able to see, hear, experience is incredible. During ritual work her mind works perfectly with or without medications but outside of rituals and magic she’s barely functional without meds. Though she still gets premonitions and legitimate messages in between slipping from reality. The labels are nothing more than a way for the ignorant to typecast those who are closer to the other side…At least in my opinion.

One thing is for sure, if you send a legitimate shaman into a mental hospital they’re likely to have an aneurysm.

Also, it’s good to see that you know yourself and that you embrace who you are. That’s a rare quality.


Thank You … I’m sorry to hear that about your wife. It is unfortunate that her mind couldn’t be more stable outside of practice & ritual works.

I wish you & your wife the best … it is my hopes that you both be blessed.

Thank you for your comments & conversation … and perspectives.

I personally have far more physical evidences provided through test which bring much of Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorders into question in a few professional’s minds. Yet - neither is necessarily able to be tested or proven through most laboratory test, thus not disproven … neither ca they be disproven through diagnostic tests. However, there are a few test which can be performed which will show the presence or absence of certain physiological factors (such as bio-chemical factors in the blood, genetic signatures, brain physiology) … but even these are only thought to be collations & not the whole story (in any case).

Either way - some believe these diagnosis are actual in my case, some whom do not (or have not while they were still alive). Some people will & some people won’t … that’s not within my controle & honestly either position can be used either for or against me … dependant upon the person or situation in question… left or right, for or against, detrimental or beneficial, either are entirely subjective in my mind.

Though I am a stickler for accuracy … I except that I cannot detrmen what others will thinks 100% … and even then, I can’t controle that … let alone what they are able to or choose to believe.

I know what I know … and don’t know what I don’t know … that much I know.:wink::upside_down_face:

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I have only recently begun ritual magick again after a long period of psychological preparation, and I must say that with diagnoses of manic-depressive (which I take medication for) and a couple other nice sounding ones that basically scale me down as “bat shit crazy” to the people closest to me, I can say that I’d rather have this than not have it. I can see, hear, and perceive beyond what I ever dreamed I could. What really put me into the beyond was the AWFUL decision to use DMT. I recommend never doing that. It fucked me off for 3 years straight. Every day was like being in hell. Until recently, I was miserable.

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it is certainly not a schyzofreni just follow your own path

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Yeah - I strongly urge against drugs like DMT … and other substances of such natures.

Certain medicinal uses for marijuana is okay for some people & even the use or shrooms for some people & some conditions … however they should only be done & supervised under safe & legal operations on controled environments.

That said I believe in a personal Sober & Clean Living for myself & am a Sobriety Advocate.

Drugs can really jack you up & that includes “legal” medications. We all need to be far more careful with our minds & bodies.

I’m sorry that happened to you, but I am glad you’re doing better now.

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Gracias ’ - will do!

many people don’t believe there is such a thing as the invisible. And if you are spiritually gifted and you can see through the veil, they shout that you are psychologically ill. Fortunately, there are also enough people who do not immediately say that you are psychologically ill. I have parents who fortunately also know that there is more than what the naked eye tells you. In our home they are not surprised when I say that they have seen or spoken to an entity.

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I also have autism and I was diagnosed schizophrenia based on stories I told what literally happened. But no ghosts or such. I also don’t know if my meds affect my abilities or not. I need help to know if I’m not imagining things or other stuff like it’s because of my meds. :confused: I want to know if Buer could help me and others demons. It would be great help.

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I have seen, heard & spoken to many & do so often.

I still say that my Father is God (not the Abrahamic God though) & my Mother is Godess (Wisdom personified) … and the two are but two sides of the same coin.

My Father & Mother have been known by many names, some due, some unduly… I simply refer to them as “Father” & “Mother”. I’m not one of those who is a stickler when it comes to their names, nor do I see a point in debating this name over that name (such is a waste of energy & time).

One needn’t use ones Parent’s names when addressing them &/or speaking to any whom knows whom your Parents are… in the Earthly sense … so why should one have to use them in the Divine Sense.

I call my Earthly Parents “Mom & Dad” … my Divine Parents I call “Father & Mother” …
I see no need to clarify (I know their Voices & Energies) … just as a child raised by their Parents (Paternal or Adopted) knows their own natural Parents.

Aaaaaannnnnyyyyy whhhhhooooo … yeah.

if you see it that way. than that is your truth. As long as you feel good and you take care of yourself. Is that what matters.

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Well, I’m an advocate for self-love and self-respect, and although I occasionally use drugs for chemically-induced experiences I believe most drug use is self-loathing related.
If you can use drugs while in a state of self-love then that’s on every individual to decide.
That’s what DMT taught me.


Yes - Self Love & Self Respect are ultimately key to much of what we either do or don’t do. Love is ultimately the bottom line of everything worth while.

If we can operate out of a center of Love over Lust, Compassion & Kindness over Desire, Compulsion & Greed then we win from the start (come what may).

Live is Key - be it for Self, Other or “The Whole”.

It’s not easy but Love is the Ultimate Wisdom & Ultimate Power … it is One with many Elements, many limbs, many veins, yet - still - One Body.

Love is Key: Love is Wisdom & We All could always do with More Love or at least to Dwell & Operate & Rest within & from it more often. And I’m not talking simple affection… nor blind, dumb, “love” … but “LOVE” which sees clearly & is wise.

Such is illusive, yet ultimately it is the fundamental basis & foundation of being.

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I’d say you have no love to offer other people if you can’t love yourself, and you will never have genuine respect from other people if you don’t love yourself and respect yourself either.
Only when a person loves himself or herself can she ever love without attachment.



I can’t believe that western culture still allows this garbage to go around unchecked. You would think in the current political climate, it wouldn’t be allowed. (and that is all I am going to say.)