Mental breakdowns & living a magickal life?

Hi there,

The last few months I feel like I am living on the edge of a mental breakdown because of a very hectic period: a busy school life & a intense spiritual awakening (overactive third eye and blocked crown which made me feel like going crazy during that time oh yeah and I also couldn’t ground because of that… It now is getting better because I am taking lots of rest and stopped thinking magically all the time (I constantly did because i am fascinated by this new way of looking at things but I felt I could drown in it cuz it is sooo much to take in).

I also stopped banishing for a long time and stopped asking for signs etc and stuff because i didn’t want to make it all ‘too’ much for me.

Now I am reading the magickal healing book by Josephine McCarthy and she said in the book that it is good to not stretch your spirit that much all the time and especially not if you feel mentally not 100%.

I wanted to ask (because I stopped banishing & all magickal work and contact with the deities in my life) if it would stretch my spirit way to much if I start banishing again? or is banishing something that is still a good thing to do even when you are anxious and mentally not 100% stable…?

I am also wondering because I started connecting with deity’s in my life & now stopped contacting my deities because of instability and uncentainty within my body, if this is stupid thing of me to do…? I don’t want to make them mad or feel neglected. I just want to feel 100% strong and safe and stable again to have contact with them again so that I won’t have too much of an impact of working with them.

The deity’s i feel a connecting with at this moment is Arachne, Bast & Lilith.
It came into my mind because I feel a connection with 2 dark goddesses… is it possible that Arachne and Lilith are putting me through this mental instability maybe because i don’t give my all at this moment? I am asking this because I would like to understand if this is a possibility?

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From my understanding, spirits are not absolutely out to get you for prioritising your mental health and taking a break from all things magickal- they respect your decision. I do believe that the spirits you have mentioned have the dignity to not overstep your boundaries, especially ancient and high-ranking ones.

As for whether you should start banishing again, I do think it’s best to ground yourself before involving yourself with magickal work. You mentioned that you’re mentally doing better now after taking a break and stopped constantly thinking of magick all the time, I’d say keep at it! Your health and wellbeing reigns supreme. I’m sure the deities and spirits would only want to work with you when you’re fully ready as they have nothing to gain from continuing a relationship that would only detriment you in your current state. A good thing to remember is that you are just as much of a divine being as these entities and so you do not have to compromise your wellbeing at all just to be in their good graces. If you respect yourself, they will respect you.

Put the magickal work on the backburner for now, chances are that the spirits will make their way to you when they sense that you are ready for an audience.

I do think that they would only be putting you through turmoil if there was a pre-existing contract or pact where you asked them for something and as a consequence, they are putting you through trials and tribulations so that you come out the other side a person who is worthy of what was asked of them to accomplish. Have you previously asked them to do something for you?

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Banishing will not stretch your spirit, and if you are feeling anxiety and mental disturbance, I would encourage you to banish to maintain your spiritual hygiene and ward off any parasites that would be attracted to and exploit you.

edit: banishing does not have to be an elaborate, ceremonial ritual.


Unlikely. Keep in mind, spirits are not above you and you do not have to tolerate this kind of interference. If a spirit “punishes” you regarding devotion or how you choose to forge and follow your own path, it isn’t worth your time and energy.


Thankyou for your answer, it helps me a lot understanding all of this

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Spiritual awaking can be challenging and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and since you’re excited, you let too much into your mind.
However, taking a break from magickal practice from time to time is very recommended, even when you’re not a newbie anymore one day. If you can afford it and you’re not doing some kind of working that requires you to be active everyday for a while, you should take a break regularly.

Please do banish and cleanse. Especially when you are anxious and not mentally stable.
Keep in mind that healing can be a struggle too, and it is possible that you will have a hard time, that does not mean things aren’t going as they’re supposed to be.
But keep banishing all the unwanted energies out of your mind and your home, and keep cleansing. This way you will notice if you’re still on the right track or not.

It can be done in many ways, try a few things out until you find out what works for you.


I never asked Arachne something directly as I am taking baby steps regarding to her… I do have an altar for her & feel she’s influenced my creativity a lot but that’s it.

For Lilith I gave her an offer once, to ask her something indeed. I asked her to help me set clear boundaries regarding to a guy in my life and the truth about him. That night I got a dream with clarity and I instantly felt more dark feminine after wards so I guess she helped me. I also picked tarot cards before hand. I asked the tarot what kind of relationship Lilith and I would be having if I started connecting to her & the lovers came out.

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Thankyou. Needed to hear that. I am quite new to this but stepped quite deeply in it already

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I don’t think that which you have asked Lilith would have led to her deliberately causing turmoil in your life at all and don’t get the sense that she or Arachne have any correlation with what you are currently going through.

Banish unwanted energies to give you peace of mind for now but do focus on your mental health before getting back into any substantial work. When you’re ready, perhaps you can contact Lilith and Arachne directly to see whether they were involved at all with what you’re going through at the moment and seek answers.

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Thankyou so much… yes I first did the lbrp but stepped over to do the sword banishing from de Damon brand book but it didn’t work the same as the lbrp for me. I felt much more protection from the archangels and doing a physical act during a banishing. Will keep doing that one from now on

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I will banish more indeed, I feel like a magnet for everything lately because of my hightened senses and it would be so weird and doesn’t feel logically for me if they are causing turmoil in my life after they clearly helped me a lot and feel like are on my side…

Goddess Arachne is one of the most powerful and in things like grounding the best. Her natural energy is like shapes of cardinal direction South West which is a bit of water with a bit of fire so is a very dynamic influencer. In the magical circle also is to be called as below if other Gods are evoked in the cardinal places do to her grounding energy as threefold: past, present and future. Goddess Arachne is one of the best to work with and fully compatible in workings with Hecate and Lilith

Goddess Lilith, her energy is constructive and similar to Mother Earth with a few special touches. Her natural cardinal energy is like North and West, water and earth is the creation itself. But she is a Leader, strong-willed and obviously a few people can vibrate with her energy. Must be a strong person with a powerful personality. In the magical circle if other Gods are evoked in the cardinal directions then Lilith is above

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Hi there, thank you for the information.
What do you mean by a very dynamic influencer?
I never evoked her and I am only planning to do so if I feel ready but do you also work with her?

Influencer was a typing error… influence like a cohercitive transforming energy

Why don’t you try to heal yourself directly ?

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And, the best spiritual hygiene is feeling mentally healthy. Am I wrong ?

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