Menstrual blood in food spell

[quote=“Salpinx, post:20, topic:4622”]On that note, here’s a semen-based recipe book has high customer ratings:

Happy homecooked enchanting. :D[/quote] lol

To the original post.

If I were a woman wanting to seduce with body fluid I would use vaginal juice.

Just a tip on one finger and walk behind him.

“Oh let me fix your collar.” and put just just enough for the faintest smell.

Less is more … don’t overdo it.

Then smelling yourself while masturbating focus on him and send him the message. The smell will have some part of his mind in the same frame as yours and be the wire you need.


Yea interesting . When I used to go at his place i would leave vaginal fluid on his pillow / Sheet. A witches intuition lol

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What else is performed for this spell to work? I have a love interest I’d love to bind.

Are there candles, incense, oils, incantations?

No it doesn’t. The caster takes that risk.

That kind of thing does exist in my country. It is a very old black magic which normally done by a woman to enslave her husband, making him does her bidding and as well as to make sure he would not cheat. The efffects are quite strong and permanent. The man will turn in a dummy who will obey every single thing told by his [email protected]
Just like you said, menstrual blood but sometimes, the said woman will collect water which was used to wash her body and hair where she either make that man drink or use it in cooking. In certain cases, feaces also used for stronger effects. However, this black magic still requires specific spells and incantations to make it works.


It is not often performed in my country but we have a lot of maids from countries that practice these things, it happens enough that that ‘the maid seduces the man of the house with black magick’ has become a trope hahah. It definitely works.

I haven’t heard of anyone using hair in food before, but outside of food…yeah, there’s a lot.

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What about period sex with strong visualisations and spoken words from the woman’s end ? Or the guy going down on her after he has spilled his seed in her (non period days)?

It works more as a binding spell, IMO.
Pretty simple. Just use your intent and put it in something that disguises the taste.
If you are no longer menstruating, urine works,too.

Vaginal Fluids? Mark the headboard of the bed.

Hair? Put YOUR hair under the mattress where you sleep with him(or her). Make sure you
move the hair as far as you can to the middle of the mattress so it is not disturbed when making the bed.

Results? I shit you not. My boyfriend at the time said," I don’t know what spell you put on me, but I like it!"

Me, " I don’t know what you are talking about. If I knew how to do those kind of things
I 'd be rich."

LOL and LMAO!!!