Mending Heart, journal of passion and magic

looks warm and welcoming… love it.

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Thanks, the top photo has an orb, on the left bottom of the photo

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I actually noticed the bottom one on the same area your talking about. I see a horse figure, but i can’t see more than that… maybe its because of the lighting

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Maybe it’s a camel?

I mean to be honest… it looks more like a dragon with a horse face, but i dont see camel no. But, I know why u said camel, its because king Paimon is associated with camels.

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maybe it’s trying to make friends with the dragon on my copper cup?

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omg that made me laugh so hard… because i was too focused on the shadow and incense i didnt realize there was an actual dragon on your copper cup :smiley:

omg thats so hilarious. Now i think its just the cup shadow from the candles.


My wife had a job interview monday, at a place she volunteers at, but I really don’t want her to have that job because that would mean she would be home evenings interfering with my path.

So i opened Belial’s sigil, asking that she doesn’t get the postion. Bloodied the sigil, and burned it to release the energy to him.

Felt really good about the request, and drew up a new sigil for the Great and terrible King

I opened the new seal, and my ears rang like crazy.


Some of my ordermates encouraged me to make a wand, my first wand. Well i want to work with radionics, and i like orgone pyrimds, here is the final wand, and charging it for three days now five day till i attempt to use it for the first time with my crystal ball.

Hail my godself
Hail the order of the brass lamp
Hail Vassago


nicely drawn :scream_cat:

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Now, i really have to get out. My wife just demanded i throw away all my occult stuff.

So in my works, i’ll attemp to work with Duchess Bim, and other money magic, as well as my patron Prince Vassago to get myself free.

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Send me a PM if you want help.

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Hi there, sorry to intrude on your wonderful journal but I was wondering if the very first working that you did ever come to fruition. Noticed that you got a wife ever since but I’d love to know if the working that started this journal was successful. Thanks

As you know, i’ve been inactive with my journal a long time, because of my current live arangements…

My goal though now to create an astral temple.

Continue my workings through meditation.

Thank you all who continue to watch and support my journal, and keep you posted. Now does anyone know how i can smuggle a camera into the astral… LOL