Memory loss of dreams

Hello, everyone!

Guys I’m having a problem in my lucid dreaming work and I can’t solve it myself…

I’m doing lucid dream work and was doing very well, until just in one day my memory about dreams becomes weak…

I was well developed at work, I already had dreams that made sense, remembered until the end of the day, if I felt any emotion in dreams, as joy or just to find something funny, I remembered even for days of the dream …

But the problem is, I can’t remember all of you now, I can’t remember the wake-up… I’ve stayed a day without doing DreamWork to see if it solves, but did not solve …
It’s been two weeks since I don’t remember dream, I hit drinking lemon balm tea before sleep, but it didn’t help either!

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Maybe look for any small changes in diet, schedule, lighting, etc.

I started taking 2 fermented cod liver oil capsules per day and my dreams became so vivid and frequent that I cut back to 1 every other day. I would wake up from a very vivid dream, then go back to sleep and pick up where the dream left off. It was as if I had paused a movie then restarted it.


I didn’t think about changing my diet, but I have already changed or went back to doing a lot of things I used to do when dreams were constant.

From my understanding, memory loss over dreams, while frustrating, is normal.

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Learned a trick every night leave an offering of water to your spirit guides , guardian angel wishing in return to remember your dreams , after a while it starts to work :slight_smile:

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