Memory from a past life connected with Attakeria

Lately, as I meditate on the sigil of Attakeria, in my mind come a picture of him fighting some «dark entities» (I don’t know who they are, so this is the conventional name for these creatures). This takes place over a large area (like a field). And I very clearly see one moment: Attakeria (in the form of a dragon) grabs «dark entity» with his hand and simply throws it. I saw something similar in my childhood before going to bed (when I fell asleep): the same picture always came to my mind: a battle with someone. But I attributed all this to childhood fantasies, nothing more. Now I understand that this is a fragment of a memory from the past (not human, so to speak, life). When I turned to King Paimon for an explanation of what it was, he only briefly said “Battle”. If I try to figure this out by asking my higher self / soul Attakeria, for some reason I am very worried (which is completely unusual). I don’t understand what could cause such worry, and I don’t know what kind of fight it is (but I see her in my mind very clearly).

But I understand that if this memory came back to me again, it means that it has meaning and significance (otherwise why should it appear so often in my mind?).

What do you think this memory can be connected with?

I would be grateful for any opinion on this matter.


How interesting. Indeed in such advanced workings the demons show us stuff what happened around 15 years ago and even maybe at that time seemed unimportant was actually the root of an actual issue that needs to be solved. That’s shadow work. Is great that you have the chance to solve it! :sunflower:


Thank you! I agree that the time has come to realize this memory. Because when I realize these particular fragments from my past life (they are all connected with Attakeria), everything seems to fall into place and I find inner peace. The main thing is to overcome a strange excitement in myself when I try to understand this issue.