Memoirs of a goddess

Never mind I’m live another day I found it :joy:

I just freak out over that stuff it has everything in it. Me and my kids … Just breathe :grin::heart:


That was intense lol. You ok?

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Yea I’m ok … I just literally freak out about that I’m extremely OCD about having my wallet and all my stuff together.

I called my son to see if he kicked out the car at school when I dropped him off. He went and looked and didnt find it. So I messaged him to tell him I found it. And he was having a panic attack too. :joy:

I need to calm my crazy ass down … :sweat_smile:

Some how it got tossed in the back seat and its black so it just blends in with everything :joy: I’m sure arianna didnt do it thought :rofl:




I just realised that that’s where I’m at :point_up_2:

Thats the place I went to in Draco …
The part down the middle straight is where all the sarcophugus are …
Then you get to the where the black diamond is thats the room with the globe thing in it that …
I talked to EA about … Where I was when I wanted a new star

The ones corridors off to the sides are like halls but when you get to the circles they are rooms

The room top right was where I found a pink diamond in like a giant Venus fly trap type plant

The one top left is the treasure room.

That means I was in the black diamond when I wished for a star …
And thats where I was when I was given the black diamond
And thats why the one I woke up who was in the last sarcophagus hes in that room…he told me to redo the ritual lucifuge gave me and put the diamond in the center if the star.

He said diamonds still shine it doesn’t matter what color they are. Cause I worry about my light :sweat_smile:

You can explore all those places…or I can I dont know what others do .

But I went went straight through to the room tbats the black diamond…
Then explored the other rooms.
Lucifuge showed me the treasure room.

This the place where Draven was in a coffin and I woke him up.
I talked about this in one of my voice things, I do sometiems.

The tattoo of the ouroborus …

Damn … And all because I used my pythons shed skin … In a well … Anyway

So what do I do now?


Damn, Lucifuge showed me the treasure room.


I think I will ask Set, see what advice he has for this. :black_heart:

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So its Belphegor that I woke up. Hes been talking to me. I always saw him with a beard. Interesting. That hes discribed as having one.

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Wait… You were at Starbucks :joy:

I’ll be damned, this is funny!! :joy:

You owe me a mocha frappe for this :rofl:

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We have been riding a very similar wavelength… We’re after the same thing I think… Interesting. What’s the black diamond to you9

The black diamond for me merged with my star.
It’s in the star now.

Belphagor said thats never happened before.

He said, power.


It seems we are indeed. Is the merge a good thing?

So far. :joy:

It’s very powerful.

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My phone did get stolen … So anyone who had my number its changed .
I lost most of my contacts so I can’t call you.
Drop me an email, if you need it.
[email protected]

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I free you. I free you. I free you. Never to be bound to anything. I free you.

I free you.


While I was doing a ritual last night to bring the Prince of Darkness and the Goddess of Light closer together, it was like two things going on at once.
My ritual was happening, but there was also an army charging into battle. :thinking:

I’m not sure what it means. It didn’t seem to interfere with what I was working but like two things happening at once. I could see both things happening.