Memoirs of a goddess

I havent had a reason or mission in quiet sometime. I havent created any PSI balls in a while. I had all but forgotten about them. Now that i go within and create them. They have changed for the better or at least for the better for me. Its like fire … dripping yellow - white fire an odd thing flaming yet almost like lava. Blindingly bright.

I was called, asked to do something and i realise that i had put away my warrior aspect , put her in cage and hadnt let her hunt in very long time. Not really a few cat and mouse things here and there but nothing major not since the last time Azazel asked me do something.

Now Im finding my way back, im the hunter again. The lioness, the firey one. Whatever comes or goes this is me. I feel the fire in my hands as i type this. Im searching hunting, waiting to get a lock in my sights. The circles, i can see them. I watch them in the shadows like a lion stalking its prey. Its not time to pounce just yet but that time will come. You can keep most out, but not me. I move in circles, i attack in circles i devour from the inside out.

Maybe its the lion she likes to play a little. But also a hunter, a warrior , fierce she knows when to fight.
Here her roar :lion:

Bring the lion out, bring the lion out.


Azazel, just gave me sword. Hes been making one for me for so long i had forgotten about it. Tonight, he brought it to me.


It looks alot like this except the blade seems to be made of copper with markings/writing on it.
Its a beautiful sword. :crossed_swords:

Thank you Azazel :heart: :rose:


This sword is amazing. I dont know how Azazel created it. It looks like a normal sword until you weild it then its on fire. Bright golden white light flames. I cant exactly describe it. But it is beautiful and powerful. Its like my sword of light and a sword of gold fire combined to become one. When it is used it feels alive.

Its beautiful. Im glad Azazel took his time creating it. :crossed_swords:



One reason why i shouldnt just turn on both sides?

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What’s up

Im just sick of bs

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Pm me.

I will when i get home. Got a few things to finish up.


Ive been sleeping in the first gate …the moon ever since i started it … tuesday. Ive had some wild dreams.

Last night the moon shown through the blinds in my window …with dark black clouds around it.

During the night I look over at my altar where my Lucifer poster hangs and a canlde holder … hanging around it are my Azazel necklace, Belial, Lucifer, and my Inanna pendant. When i looked over last night, it had all turned gold.

Everything in the picture was gold.
I see why though, the godess and her two high preists together …

In my dreams i was in huge house with golden things and tape player started playing backwards on its on. I wanted to here what it was saying but someone else stopped the tape.

Night before last i dreamed of a huge wisteria tree the biggest one ive ever seen, it was massive. The colors of that dream felt like a fairytale, where all the colors are golden and warm.

I have three more days of sleeping in this gate … so we will see.


So a week of sleeping in the first gate, ive gotten my state tax refund check yesterday, my federal came in today a day early, my pay check goes on tonight and everyone at work said i have a glow about me.

This has been an amazing week, in so many ways!! This has me excited to see what the rest of the gates have in store. :blush:
But im taking a week off before i move on to the next. Need to meditate, go over notes and reveiw experiences. :metal:




I see the queen is wearing the crown
Or should i say goddess.


Im trying it out…

Do you like it?


Its fitting. No pun intended.


Your energy’s definitely grown even stronger, and has more, kind of, gravitas in those photos. :+1:

More of a queen than a princess, now, iykwim. :thinking:


Aww thanks :heart: