Members who work with Santa Muerte

So I am looking for other members here who work with Santa Muerte because I have Questions to ask. I started working with her about a month ago and there was a certain situation that has unfolded that I’m not comfortable sharing publicly. I guess I’m looking for others opinions on the situation who don’t mind me messaging them.


Qayin, Santa Muerte he is great, very powerful. A loving patriarch, I am very fond of him. Do you work with Holy Qalmana?

No I don’t. She is the only spirit I’ve been working with and I talk to Furfur every once in a while. How long have you been working with Santa Muerte?

I think you are talking about San la Muerte, who is identified as a mask of Qayin in the 182 tradition. He is not the same entity as Santa/Santissima Muerte.

@Cece feel free to PM me, I don’t claim to be an expert on Santa Muerte but I do have a relationship with her.



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Ok I will, give me a min.

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I work with Santasima Muerte alot. She is an amazing patron and loving mother to me.


@Nyxifer thank you for explaining. I find it interesting, i shall read more about it. Here we have the Qayinite current.

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I sent you a message I hope you don’t mind.

Can you tell me what planet and element you would consider Santa Muerte ? Saturn/water? Saturn/earth? Pluto earth/water/earth?