Meeting with Bune

So bit late on posting this but had a nice little chat with Bune.
This time they appeared differently than the first time I spoke with them. The first time Bune was a mass of changing mist and fog condensed together. This time they were taking a shifting humanoid form. First a woman then a man and many variations of them dissolving and reforming from mist.

I was told I had outgrown my previous teachings and they had served their purpose to reveal the hidden currents within myself. Now for what I needed I should take the option that had been presented to me even if in jest to profit and handle the physical needs of wealth I have that I may continue my magical practices in peace.

Next day I also received a check in the mail for a $150 refund from an old bank for so mess up on policy or such and could hear Bune chuckle in the background.


Bravo :clap::clap::clap:

Bune has been showing up for me bit by bit and I also get the impression of dual gender and phasing effect. Bune stands clearly in their plane, but casts a strong holographic aura.

Bune probably has a taste for paintings. I’ve been envisioning Athena that way for a while. Bune shows up on the viewer’s right in an interior room. She stands while Athena sits on the Left looking out of a window in a stone wall. These two know each other, but there is enough contrast between them for an interesting dialogue.

I hope you will post more of your experiences with Bune.

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