Meeting the darkness

Hopefully I’m making a hint of sense lol. My current goal it seems is to truly meet the darkness of this path. In still new to the LHP of course but still so far for some reason I have only really done workings that still feel to me to be tame and completely safe. It’s a hard thing to explain I guess because I have never tried to yet, but I guess I am looking for something that will serve as a greater immersion into the darker side of magical work. I want to sense slightly more of the danger the uncertainty, the force of my own power and that of whatever I am working with.

I don’t really know even what it is I am seeking exactly.

You know how in EA’s free eBook he talked about invoking elements? Well Western ones. Just invoke darkness like I did. That es an start.

I know that feeling! :smiley:

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That might be somewhere to start the next phase? :slight_smile:

There are 21 pages of search results for “darkness” on here and it might be worth raking through the older ones as well.

Don’t forget this forum gem!

Yam-nehar and Tiamat are entities that represent Darkness “the abyss”.

and to jump start this whole thing,

just cognize that you are fully immersed in darkness. and so is everything there is to see. Darkness is the first fluid, the fertile soil giving birth to existence.

look anywhere. and mentally remove man made barriers. just imagine there are no walls, houses and such. have only planet to look at. admire. then remove the planet and the sky and imagine how it would look like to be able to SEE DEEPLY into the universe with your eyes. see all the extreme depths of the universe, and REJOICE, breathing in all the power of all the stars in the heavens…

and then… remove all the stars, all the stardust, everything. and you are all alone, in the darkness.

do this often, let it excite you… and you will remember.