Meeting the Angel of Death

A few minutes ago I was at a small family party and felt out of place. Then I met Archangel Azrael, also known as the Angel of Death and made small talk with him.

I saw him in my mind as pure Golden energy and he had a deep and powerful voice similar to Mufasa from Lion King.

Here are some of the information I got from him.

Offerings he likes:
He likes are Skulls (either real or candles), Flowers (he gave me the impression that his favorites are roses) and that one should save Blood for special occasions with him.

He can help you with:

He doesn’t kill people but can put them out of their misery and guides the dead through the afterlife, he can also relieve grief, remove negative people and things from your Life.

He also told me that he can help me initiate through the Seraph tree when I’m ready.

Sadly due to noise, much of our communication was broken.

Overall he’s very friendly. Just don’t approach him with fear, he dislikes that.


That’s cool.

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Archangel Azrael is awesome. He also helps out with necromancy. You don’t HAVE to do offerings for angels, but they won’t mind if you do.

That’s exactly how I perceive him too.


If I make a pact, I like to give an offering usually out of respect.

Sweet now it’s confirmed that I met him😁

Also do you also feel him as a guide? Like someone who can guide us through trials?


Yes, but only if you ask him. The only time he’ll guide you without asking first is if it’s extremely important.

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He always gave me that feeling. I liked him ever since I learnt about him from Darksiders lol.


Same! : D

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