Meeting My Dark Self - The Path Of Smoke

Meeting My Dark Self - The Path Of Smoke.

I have encountered and embraced my dark self before, however this was completely different.
This version of me was terrifying, it’s appearance was made of pure darkness.

Shifting from beast to man, from man to hooded robed humanoid made of abysmal darkness.
Shifting to various forms and shapes reverting to a mass of darkness.

How did I do this ?.

I recited the Litany of the black sun, next I rouse Domar and Dehak. I called out to the cold flames of arezura, the flames ignited the blackened fire within.

As this reached a critical mass, I began vibrating the name of Ahriman over and over.
A mass of darkness span around my crown chakra, I then vibrated the name of Az Kahi over and over.

I could feel a second mass of darkness enveloping me.

I stated aloud

" Ahriman King Of Darkness Eternal, Come and open the obsidian gateway of self, scorched in the fire of Zohak, Az Jahi Queen Of Darkness Eternal, Come and destroy the chains of made of the false light of Ahura Mazda, Az Jahi destroys the chains and Ahriman opens the door ".

I started then funneling the flames of arezura through me, laughter both male and female echoed through the darkness in the room.

Ahriman and Az Jahi, were semi-present the gateway of self opened.

I was projected from my body, fell I did for what felt like forever.

I was back in my body all of a sudden, however something else was there.
I was frozen solid, the atmosphere was cold, without life, light and was desolate.

I grabbed my journal and pen and began focusing on the astral hissing coming from behind me, through the ability of backward understanding my psyche began translating the words I channeled.

I simply said

" Present yourself ".

It replied

" Nothing, everything, all and none ".

I replied

" What are you "

It replied

" I could ask you the same thing, for that is what you are asking ".

" I am you free of limitation, free of weakness, free of all that binds you, I am the scale upon the dragon as are all children of Ahriman ".

" I am your greatest dreams and your most fearful nightmares, I am beyond what can be observed, for you see me but you do not, for your mind can never truly appreciate our greatness ".

I replied

" How can I be fully transformed into you ? ".

It replied

" You are already on that path, for I will give you the map that you must decode from these words ".

I replied

" What words ? ".

It replied

" The moment of becoming, the false light spectrum will consumed globally, the mouths of arezura open across the globe. This results as the great alchemy, the world being transmuted from light which is weakness, limitation and stasis into darkness which is limitless.
Once the light has fled, the darkness shall crawl its way out of the priests of Angra Mainyu.

The black petals will open, bursting forth with the blackened fire of Zohak. Once the petals are open the fire shall spread amongst the earth, becoming the black earth.

The moon shall bleed, the sun shall blacken, as the alignment of both King and Queen come.
The serpents shall rise to the core of the black sun, thriving and man becomes devil.

The black soul shall sit upon the blood moon as the throne, the black sun shall be the crown.
You will expand infinitely as darkness eternal, once you’ve expanded beyond the confines of this world.

You shall be the black star which collapses in on itself, until creation is obliterated from the shockwave of your implosion.

You shall be without form in the void, you will be reborn in the womb of the void, consume your twin in the womb eat him for he is Ahura Mazda your limitation.

Once he’s been destroyed you shall emerge from the womb of the void as Ahriman, Darkness itself, that is how you become and continue to become ".


Is it similar to shadow self?