Meeting demons from Goetia using DMT

Hi people/family from the forum. I’d like to ask you guys if it is possible to make an evocation and smoke dmt at the same time to meet Malphas and Orobas.
I feel very much love to them.
I appreciate every comment on this thread.
Thank you and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

Just be careful, while using drugs makes it easier to contact what you want to get in touch with it also opens the door for imposters and thought forms.

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No risk Stops me. I just want to meet these two great Demons mentioned above.

I ah e followed a instruction booklet called “So you want to be a goetia shaman” and details a method for working with the goetia using less ritual and more internal experience with Salvia divinorum.
It is very distinct than regular goetia work since you meet them in their realm and get to have a more intimate experience of the spirit. DMT might be a bit way about there for me. I have done it but there is little you can control. Like the slime of the Colorado frog you are just a passenger where as in lsd, lsa, low doses of Salvia or amanita you can navigate fairly in some control.

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That’s what i was looking for, thank you

Your welcome. Explore, observe and grow.

The DMT experience is already in itself so powerful and projecting of its own element that it may override whatever has been in place in front of you in real life — once you breakthrough, there is a rush that is called the “body load” where the soul gets shot out of my body like a cannon at high velocity.

The velocity is so acute and sharp that you are in what they call “hyperspace” within seconds after consumption/inhalation. (The body may determine this as a threat and parasympathetic symptoms occur). That’s why people take massive gulps of air when they’ve broken through. They’re swallowing a fuck ton of information.

I’ve had friends encounter insectoids from other realms they’ve considered scary and tormenting, another friend surrounded by mimes which is his own fear in itself but I was introduced to a void of space with his gigantic structural beings that had very defining mechanical framework and shape to their actual being. Mind you, these were actual beings, and they had these sharp, pointy mechanical smiles and were conversing with me.

Through my eyes, I was there with them — but I could not fathom the size of them as they were fucking huge — they were smiling me and welcomed me into their territory then we traveled through a wormhole filled with kaleidoscopic patterns along with them swirling around the actual wormhome itself.

I think with that drug you just end up where your soul is suppose to end up regardless of what was put in place before. I know for a fact that DMT can override pretty much all drugs in terms of its potency but I would love to hear a recount on DMT and anything alike to do with daemons.


Dmt is the powerhouse of psychedelics. As for guiding the experience in can be done on oral dmt I.e. ayahuasca as is more controllable and not nearly a brain fuck as pure dmt. Yet the experience is always the same it takes you where you need to be not where you want to be. I have used aya during rituals with mixed success mostly on dose. I have used yopo extracted and laid on chancruna leaf aka a yopo changa with great success. The yopo snuff was not as pleasant or useful. Salvia is great, in tincture it opens the headspace and smoked extract must be tried before any ritual to find the appropriate dose. A dose where you fly off but still in control. As smoking too much of Salvia can send you far far away. I had a Salvia experience where I heard a voice telling me that I died. Then I saw this reality lifting like a stage courts in and everything was white light. Then I saw my self living different lives; in one I was a millionaire on another I was a drug addict on the verge of death and many others. I mean olives the whole lives with extreme details. When I came back only minutes had pase yet in my mind I lived centuries. And I had a hard time remembering what life I was supposed to keep living. It wasn’t until I saw my wife that I realized where I was and what life I was living. After that I was not the same. I keep feeling old and adquiered manera and taste of things I never liked before. I felt old and young as if an old soul on a newer body.


You can certainly use psychedelics to evoke spirits as long as you keep yourself in control.

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Two things: You won’t remember much from how vivid it actually is. You’ll have enough connection to hear one important message. Almost like a fortune cookie length verse from the universe.

I talked to Belial on it my first time. I’ve gone there a few dozen times now. Nothing can prepare you for it but it’s beautiful… you see the code of the matrix as it were.

I’d do the evocation and once they’re there take a pre breakthrough dose. Not enough to blast off but enough to where you get geometry. You’ll hear them talk to you in the Nexus.

It’s very short lived for me. Sit down for it and write it down as soon as you can, because it’s like forgetting a dream coming out of it