Meeting Astarte

So this isn’t exactly my first time meeting her perse, but I know she wanted me to share my opinion on her so here it goes.

The first time I met her she appeared as my mother, of course, this wouldn’t have been an issue if my mother wasn’t abusive to me. It ran me away since it triggered me, Astarte didn’t exactly know that regarding me so I didn’t take it personal and moved on. Of course because it triggered me, I kind of avoided her, which was my fault and a piece of me felt as though she did it intentionally (which is highly unlikely) but I was sensitive. She appeared to me again today in the same way and I just told her to reveal herself differently because seeing that just wasn’t good for my health, she apologized and changed into a beautiful pale skin, long blonde haired woman in a elegant white dress. I warmed up to her a bit more to her and she expressed her love towards me.

She is very loving and sweet, she was very overwhelmed about what happened and was just trying to make things right. I obviously forgave her, she insisted on forging a pact or simply working together, I turned it down since I’m not sure what it is that I really want. In all honesty I just want to develop a better relationship between the both of us and try to see if we’re compatible. Our relationship is kind of rocky as how she decided to get my attention and re-appear into my life is by giving me near death experiences and almost getting me and my family into a car accident as well as make me chase after some random guy.

We have a lot to overcome but she said it was to show her power, she is very influential and she is not someone to piss off at all. I want to repair our relationship if it’s possible and see where we go from there, it was a scary, yet eye opening experience with how she hit me like a tornado. I want to see her more gentle aspect and since I have a lot of mom issues I know it’s going to be difficult for us both.


Astarte is wonderful. Though some black magicians think its fun to use and abuse her.

She’s really a sweetheart.


She absolutely is. She’s so… Warm and kind hearted, she’s great to talk to as well. I was surprised how well I vibed with her and she’s really a great female friend who you can talk about girly things and stuff with. She’s fun!

I remember her getting upset at me a while back when I was giving her gifts and praying to her I think that’s why she lashed out at me. Maybe she thought I was trying to use her? It took us a while to overcome that issue and she’s just… Wonderful. Like a diamond. :gem:


I totally agree!

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She truly da best…

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