Meet the Troll-- DRAGON God Yahweh

Not so much in the literal sense of how people think of it. You have to keep in mind that modern religions have borrowed from their Past Counterparts.

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I don’t think Tiamat would like that.

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This may be worth a watch for a different perspective on the matter of reptilians

I am pretty indifferent on the matter of reptilians myself but the ideas presented are interesting.


That I can agree with.

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I’ve had the Beatific vision. As in I have merged with “Yaweh”. Yes he is a Reptilian and there is a LOT of breathing and huffing that happens in the Beatific Vision.

After that, the next day I did an invocation to the Hindu Goddess kali Maa, and I went under full on demonic attack due to not being reverent to “Yaweh”

I have met Yaweh and he is a Reptilian.

The movie “They Live.” Instead of a drug, it’s a pair of sunglasses. There is a TV show “Grimm” with a similar idea.

Is the media trying to tell us something?

Is there evidence that the other spirits and entities like Kali and Lucifer etc are NOT reptilians or Demiurge ? Could they all be agents of the reptilians/demiurge/archons ?

I believe so. Essentially what I have read is that in a Kundalini awakening YWVH is our higher self. There is also lesser YWVH whom is Metatron. I am attuned to Metatron for healing purposes and he is my guide. He uses a merkaba to heal. Very good healer and also teaches humanity things like Law of Attraction and As above so below. He works in balance and alignment. He helps humans activate their light bodies.
On what kind of Alien being he is, I do believe he is a dragon but I’ve also seen him as an Arcturian so possibly both. He is a Seraphim. Seraphs are both dragons and birds from what I’ve read.
But full of powerful unconditional love.

I did feel a rapey energy sucking kind of vibe from him though. Plus he didn’t show his face…which kinda freaked me out. He had an ancient alien sort of vibe to him.

Couldn’t he appear as anything since he was the creator?

Marduk is not Yahweh. Luciferians have this unhealthy obsession with making every creator deity they come across into the god of abraham. I’ve even seen them do this to Odin. It’s just people trying to pass off dark fluff as real gems of knowledge and wisdom.


thats interesting you say that!
Theoretical Physicist Nassim Harramin believes that the geometric structure of the vacuum of space is a tetrahedron which is the same as a merkaba.

According to some of my very gifted collegues, this dimension in this universe is his creation, therefore the tetrahedron is the geometry of the mathematics with which he operates - perhaps it is the structure of him, himself.

It is hard for me to wrap my head around all that implies. For one, I hate YWVH but I like tetrahedrons. Shouldn’t i be appalled by them if he is literally my enemy? Do I like them simply because they are harmonious in the dimensions and universe where I am currently incarnated?

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I think this is a situation of which comes first. Since yahwhe doesn’t seem to be as old as the universe then these predate him which means they really only have as much relation to him as you give them🥰