Meet the Real Life Dr. Strange a Nineteenth Century Medical Doctor Named Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics actually based Dr. Strange on Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph (October 8, 1825 – July 29, 1875). Dr. Randolph is hands down the Greatest Metaphysician and Occultist of the 19th century. He was a Free Black man and the founder of the First Rosicrucian Order within the United States that still exists today. Most here probably come across or heard about Great Occultists like Helena Blavatsky, Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, and even Franz Brandon but few know they they all got info or used the work of Dr. Randolph. That is just the tip of iceberg of this most Phenomenal Enlightened Luminary.

Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph introduce sex magic to the west having learned those secrets within the Middle-East after being initiated within the Ansairetic Mysteryies. Dr. Randolph was also a close friend and confident of President Abraham Lincoln and there are some papers within his Rosicrucian Order that indicate that Randolph actually wrote the Famous Gettysburg Address.

Dr. Randolph’s published works about spirituality were so popular they were translated into other languages and widely avalible throughout the Western world. Check out this authentic daguerreotypes photograph of Dr. Randolph shown below and one can easily see that iconic hair-style and goatee that is used for the fictitious character Dr. Strange.



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