Meet on the corner of cruelty and fear!

Tonite I did a special magick. Imagine every feeling we are capable of feeling to be like a series of strings on an instrument with many strings. Each string of the instrument is a different feeling.

Normal people make a harmonious cord using notes that reaonate positive things. I myself am naturally aligned to a harmonious chord. But my chord also changes alot. However, my humane ideals ring truest… But sometimes in order to access certain energies one must break away from the positive and harmonious sound and play a tune of darkness.

I like to do special demonic magicks where I energize my physical demonic remnants. This is separate from the beast. Demonic is rooted in fear primarily but also other strings like sorrow and cruelty.

Becoming beast is more physiological modification as your heart rate goes up and your muscles move different. Demonic is more a soul resonation. Your soul rings back to an ancient tragedy which summons the epitopal sorrow, wrath, cruelty, fear, or other dark passion.

This very evening I met my demons. I saw inner reflections of my wrath and cruel vengeance as I invoked fear into my physical body.

I wanted to do a public thing. I created the cocreative space with super charged soul energy. I even met a couple people. You wouldn’t have to have read this thread to be a part of it. The energy flows the cosmos and we all connect to it.

This evening I wanted to invite people to meet their inner demon as they bask in dark passion. May your demon of sorrow cry a tear with me tonite as our demon of wrath roars in the eternal flames!!!


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