Meet my Godform! - The formed abyss Takkalos

Hello guys

i just wanted to share my demonic godform with all!
as i journeyed in becoming a living god i had found many aspects of of godforms
but i worked more with the Demonic and abyssmal aspect of my godforms his name
is Takkalos the formed abyss when i first found him belial and azazel pulled me out of my vision into the pit i saw the nine gatekeepers chanting around me and behind me was him.takkalos.
they all ignited their black fires within them and they ignited mine too
I and the Gatekeepers are not different.


Takkalos is an demonic god just like azazel and the other nine gatekeepers over my work with them i had found that we are no different yet unique for example one root and many branches,that means that we are all different representacions and expressions of darkness so does you,and all demons,takkalos is a demonic king among them he has a big authority and he can teach you the secrets of power and authority aslo takkalos is a god of transformation and abyssmal and infernal alchemy,protection, and he is very good at magick he is a saturnial being,and his angelic counterpart is Yah’Taton but yah’taton is another story.Takkalos is probably good at many more things too,evoke and expiriement with him.

Channeled chant to call Takkalos:

“Azak ill zez’rer yaoos ir takkalos aanasta”

Incense:Vanila,dragon’s blood


offering:something that you like,your time and interest,meat,wine,blood and semen

apperance: takkalos taken lots of apperances here some.

and a big hound,and a shadow.


Tried the Enn,
definately feel you being here.

Darkness shifted into my room.

You stand behind my left sholder,
and you placed a hand on it.

Thank you for coming.