Meet any masters yet?

This is something I’m working on. In fact this is the whole reason I’m using ST and AD is to meet a master to learn from him/her.

I think everyone needs a ‘master’s’ help at some point, if for no other reason then to ask questions and see where we are going wrong.

I heard from Robert Bruce saying, “there are Astral Projector clubs in the astral” where people go to hang out, and simply by getting to one is the way to get in.

I once when to the astral to see Nicols Tesla to ask about how to make a alternate energy source, had to fly all the way to Africa for some reason, gave me plans but I don’t remember them.

anyway, if you have meet any masters, who are they? what did they teach, share alittle knowledge so we know who to look for.

It’s always worth seeking out your own Higher Self, and that’s often quite a profound experience, not like popping round for a cup of tea with a clever relative or anything - so that’s something I recommend putting on the list when possible.

I’ve yet to meet any, but I’m antisocial. Every now and then I’m talking with someone and they begin to look at me like I’m some sort of master. Boy are they wrong!

I like that video EA posted about the various kinds of teachers one might encounter.

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