Do i need to use an indigo candle for EA Koetting’s Blue ray meditation?

That meditation will open the Mind side of the third eye.
To fully open the third eye you must go deep into the Grave/Satan/Red.

“the knife cannot cut itself”

Nope, just because Ajna chakra is associated with indigo color that doesn’t mean that you need to use indigo colored candles, same with most (if not all) kind of magic involving candles, you don’t need to use colored candles but if they get you in the mood to perform magic more intensely then use 'em, and many people says that colors can have an effect on our chakras but I personally don’t think that just a color of a candle can have much impact (if any) on our mind or chakras during meditations.

Always remember that you and your mind are doing the job, not a mere candle or incense.


And about candle gazing how long is enough? Can one gaze to long?

For a beginner, I think 15-40 minutes would be fine.
One can’t gaze at the flame for too long.

Tip- Set alarm or timer on your phone before starting your meditation so that you don’t think about time while meditating.