Have been trying to get into the Theta gamma sync. Have really bad tinnitus so the inside of my head is like a bag of cats. Any suggestions?


Firstly You can try a form of habituation, you need to listen to some sort of white noise or environmental sound that resembles the sound you hear for a few days even a week and often, make sure the volume matches the volume within your ear, this can help train your brain to no longer focus on the tinnitus, it kind of becomes less important to the brain and in turn your brain may ignore it in the future.

After doing that for awhile then try meditation either with the same noise in the background or binaural beats that contain the sound you used your brain should then focus on the other sound and not the tinnitus.

You can also try to enhance what your other sense experience, stronger/Distinctive incense and hold something within you hands.

I hope you find a way that helps you :blush:


This 7 Hz has progressively helped me


Thank you. Will give it a try.

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@mxa thank you for the video suggestion, I too have issues just getting into Alpha state.

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First, I do some Breathing, while listening to this.I do 30 Deep Breaths and relax my body like Wim Hof.
After that, I do normal breathing and while exhaling I vibrate this incantation ’ Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu’ for 108 times ( do it as many times as you want to).
It works for me. Try what works for you :heart:


@Healing_Heart glad to be of help

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