Meditation visions

ok so I was doing my root chakra meditation and during it, all these like images popped into my mind but they were on post it notes and then a voice followed by post its and like it kinda shook me tbh.

So in order the post it notes were:

“you’re living a lie”
“wake up”
“find me” and/or “contact me”

The voice that read the post it was very faint and soft but it was a man’s voice. Like it was a soft mans voice- calm, gentle and not deep in anyway but it was still relaxing to hear.

So my meditation soundtrack on youtube had like red space clouds for the image or whatever, But anyways as soon as I opened my eyes, the image appeared to me as like what I was raised to think Satan would appear as (red skin, horns- typically christian upbringing view) and his hand was reaching out to me.

Like I’m not saying it was Satan but that’s what the image looked like and his name just instantly came into my mind- idek.

Just thought it was fun to share.


should i look into this or not? i wasn’t like thinking about it when it happened but now i’m somewhat interested in possibly pursing this. Thoughts?

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I would check it if I was you.

Are you just beginning chakra work?

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Uh kinda?

I did my sacral for a little bit then I stopped. That was a while ago.

However, recently- I did my 6th for roughly a 3-4 weeks and then I just started my root chakra 2 days ago.