Meditation to find your godself

Thank you so much for helping me out, I really appreciate it! I’ll check out that link.

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Well this was interesting i liked how it triggered the imagination. All by just reading the steps cant wait to memorize the process and practice it as intended.

Its always a option to voice record the steps (maybe space them out a bit) play the tape and follow along.

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the religion i was born in ‘satnam’ is a holy name like sikh people chant this all the time and sikhism has the concept of one god that all is one.

They pray to only one god which no one has seen.

I dont follow sikhism anymore.

Question I’m interested in doing this but I’m afraid of what I find at the other side I know it’s a representation of my full potential but does that potential faves good or bad I wonder

It’s simply potential. It has nothing to do with any moral judgements. For example, electricity has the potential to either turn on your lights, or electrocute you. Which you get depends solely on what you do with it.

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