Meditation to activate the Draconian eye (Soul star)

Don’t really see any threads on the Soul star or any of the chakras located above the crown or below the root so I thought I’d share a little secret on how to activate it with a sigil.
Begin by relaxing yourself and searching for an energy above the crown, it should be located just 2-3 inches above the crown.
Once this energy is located begin by visualizing an inverted pentagram made of Light vibrating, let this image of the pentagram really solidify until you can feel it above the head.
Let this Pentagram vibrate with power and begin to see a double helix DNA rotated just about 90 degree’s so it appears sideways and see this DNA enter the pentagram almost being Woven into the pentagram.
Let this power that has been dormant within you this whole time vibrate with an almost blinding light, emanating rays of power, and with that begin to see a draconian eye appear at the center of the Pentagram and Helix finalizing and solidifying this power.
Feel the power of the soul star, and begin to ignite the Light of Thaumiel within this God chakra.
Begin to vibrate:
Drakosophia Liftoach Thaumiel
from this chakra until you feel a sense completion.

You can expect within this meditation and activation of the Draconian eye
(Soul star) multiple occurrences.

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Visions

  • Drowsiness

  • Omnipresence and Omniscience
    Feeling that you are simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

  • Enhanced Astral senses

  • Higher states of consciousness

This is my gift to the forum.
Let me know how it goes, leave your experience below please :smiley:


I know about that. It’s in the Draconian ritual book. I’ve had a hard time opening that


The chant and sigil should help quite a bit.


Will do soon, until then, is bookmarked.

(Destiny 2 is distracting lol)


maybe help to open the sunyata , thanks

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The sunyata is the soul star.

i dont know but according to the Draconian ritual book sunyata is The Eye of the Dragon.