Meditation tips and help

I came across these tips through experience with meditation. Some or most of these may seem obvious to the adept or even some beginners but I feel some will find use and I may end up helping someone.

These tips and hacks are more so if you do your stuff outside but I’m sure you can work around them for however you do things.

  • if you can’t sit still perhaps you’re not use to sitting for minutes to hours at a time. Slowly start meditation with short meditation maybe one day start with 5-10 minutes ect. And go longer as you progress. Not only you will get use to the process of sitting around for long periods of time but you may even grow to enjoy meditation even more, because you doing more meditation everyday progressing like this and you can use any meditation you wish, you may experience the power and affects depending what meditation you’re using. And you’ll want to experience more. Now you enjoy meditation now you’re becoming a better person ect. This could vary from person to person but this is how I made meditation easier for me and it seems pretty obvious but it’s affective.

  • bug spray. Who doesn’t like meditating outside where it’s cool or even hot. I love doing rituals and meditation outside because it grounds me. And it just feels good all around But mosquitoes and gnats…especially gnats are a pain in my ass when trying to concentrate. They’re good for the environment but in my opinion they’re a nuisance when trying to meditate…bug spray comes in handy or if you want to get more primitive and it’s available: eucalyptus leaves work; rub the leaves all over you. You could also start a fire nearby, the smoke will rid these pesky bugs away. Perhaps you could get even more fancy and enchant a necklace or something to keep them away from you too. Just a few ideas, of course if you want to be modern they sell things on Amazon but I like to be as primitive as I can when doing meditation and rituals…it puts me in the right mindset.

  • running thoughts and other people. Well that falls in with the first tip at first it’s going to be difficult if you never meditated before. When I first started meditating I always went into an area with no people (duh) but I feared someone will come outside. Call my name snapping me out of the meditation ruining it. Perhaps if you’re good with spiritual work you can again either make a talisman to prevent people from coming out and bothering you, call a spirit to help out and prevent people from bothering you. Another trick I like to do is like a preparatory meditation and it may be hard to do when a beginner. Making your aura invisible so no one will notice you as easily.

A little fun story:

I was made to participate in a lock in at a church with some friends, I was scared but I ended up finding kids there with different spiritualities and beliefs which was cool I met a kid with Thor’s hammer as a necklace ect. It was interesting. Anyway. I decided to experiment since the room was packed with people this particular day. I walked through normally and everyone noticed me walking through them. Once I got through to the other side I waited a few minutes. And here is what I did.

I inhaled. As I inhaled I saw my aura shrink to the center of my body and I kept inhaling until it vanished. I then walked through, nobody noticed me. I walked in another room full of people. Nobody noticed me unless I approached them. Cool trick you can use for all sorts of stuff. I learned that I don’t remember where I think a book or something.

Or you could always go the easiest route if your family knows about what you do and doesn’t mind and tell them “mom dad I’m going to meditate leave me the hell alone” ok maybe not in those words but yeah lol.

You could perhaps even get more advanced with it if you have problems with people and distractions that you tried getting rid of but you can’t and lucid dream to your astral temple and sit down there and conduct your meditations which may be even better as your visualizations might be right in front of you more vividly.

These are just a few quick tips and hacks if I think of anymore I’ll add them. But these should help any newbies out there. I know I didn’t provide a lot of help right away but these should provide a huge standing point for newbies and beginners in the craft. Meditation in my opinion is a huge starting point when learning magick.


Ah. Another one. Guided meditations are fantastic to start out with. That is how I learned astral projection in the beginning. It was a guided meditation by Satan and sons on YouTube. It was to call azazel to pull you out of your body into the astral and after that he instructed me to try and not use that Everytime I project, use the meditation video as training wheels and repeat the process of everything I did and it should work. So I practiced and eventually I left my body now it’s easier.

Astral Awakening and Astral Release with Lord Azazel - YouTube

There it is Incase if anyone asks.

But guided meditations can let you experience the feeling on what it’s like to be extremely relaxed. Just toss some headphones on and get to a bed or somewhere. They’re all over can also do what I did and save the most really useful ones and convert them as MP3 files, that also saves battery kind of.

  • charge your phone to 100% or as close as possible
  • then put your phone on battery saver mode.

Those two tricks will make your phone last a good while since your screen will be off since you saved the YouTube video as an mp3 file. There are websites you can Google to do this that require the link of the YouTube video and it will convert and download it for you so you can also listen offline.

Just Google “YouTube to mp3 converter”

Copyright violations shouldn’t be an issue with this so long as you’re using them for personal use and you don’t re upload them calling them your own.

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