Meditation problems: itchy!

I always have had a really hard time sitting still or even laying still (it also makes me take a LONG time to fall asleep naturally). Random points of my body get itchy, and the call to scratch them is nearly irresistible. Got frustrated last night because I would not stop itching in places. It’s not a persistent itch, a small spot on my body gets super itchy and then I scratch it for half a second and it goes away. Super annoying if I want to sit still though. Do I ignore it or what?


I’d ignore it the best I could. If it got too unbearable scratch it to get it off your mind and resume


For a more or less hardcore approach, try meditating on that sensation. In some cases e. g. a trance prior to an astral projection or soul travel, Robert Bruce suggests to indeed scratch, although in a light manner so as to leave alone the energy body’s matrix.


The more you resist it the more prominent it will be. Scratch and relax lol let it take its course out if your body the same way you ease the thoughts of the day to get into the state of emptying your mind


I would honestly say ignore it. Usually when you are trying to fall asleep, your body will send you signals like an itch or an urge to roll over, to test if your mind is still awake to interpret the signals. The same goes for preparing your mind for trance or an altered state. Do your best to ignore them, just passively perceive them and let them fade out.


I remeber i used to mediate for hours at my terrace where mosquitos were biting me all over my foot legs and face , but i dint feel it till i saw mirror my fave full red bitten by mosquitos, intially i used to freak but then its one of its own achievement , i mediate (i am not body and mind,) and ecstacy and bliss .

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I had this issue for ages until I realized that I was ending up putting so much focus into ignoring the itch that it completely distracted me from what I was meditating on.
Itch it and just continue on focusing on what you were before :person_shrugging:

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There are various motivation i read of ancient indias motivation to meditate , which was not intentionally shown for that purpose but i was reading or watching somewhere and catched it from different sources

Like there was this famous indian poet ( nobody even knew he was mediation practioner), "so there was this one guy who was irritated by spmething in village while mediating then he saw that famius poet sitting under some tree fully covered with mosquitos from top to bottom… then he give s wisdom

Also story from bharata how karna tescher leg was literally getting bitten crab while he was mediating

And another one

During war Ravana was mediating to bring strom in the war land but ravana qhile mediating was constantly being hammered by weapons of hanuman but ravana being uneffevted so hunaman decided to kidnap his wife(i dont knownif that wife part is true or not) but then ravana need ro break it, and there are many other story of anivient India where gods attaccked each other long sadhna of gaining power but the practioned is unomoved by it , there is another example of more ancinet its was prime evil gods mediating to Bharma but then they were contanrly attacked and eventalky killed by other gods

Please take it as a motivation not practical advice and i wrote this comment by contnatly gettint bitten by mosquito , i fucking turned on the repelent switch not em die , personallly i will buy yoga net , and thankyou so much for asking this question to me b bwriting these stuff about tapsya somthing awakened inside me

And the stuff i wrote here you might not here from anywhere becoz i watcged these from vwry different sources who main subject purpsoee was not this itchy thing but just to spread knwoldge etc but i recollected this all info right now


Raavan many tapsya was interuppted so many times but still he qchieved many things, there is a sacred city in India which Raavan started building but he was conatntly being interuppted byheaven forces , he was buidling that city for shiva offering and to make poetals to reach heaven for his armies, he built all the temples for shiva only last one was left and it was left…

Evil-will opon the…-dedication- powers-domiannce

Some ppl dont realize they dont even have externally resistence forget about godly resistence and they act all pussy from the internal one only

Some ppl when they do spiritual practises like mediation they act like they doin favour on somebody

In ancient India liek theyvwerent scared if they see a humngous monster marching towards them with bunch of weapon but if they see someone mediating in a oddly located cave it raises the eyes if… dont where that India gone after mughal invasion

There are many egs if Shiva also but he is a very powerfull supreme god so it will be incorrect egs to give

(My assumption)So when ppl say raise to frequncy and youxwill meet that kind of spirits , so does thatvdoes not mean they will come to lick you toes but rather to come and check on you so thatvyou dont tore apart the worlds and make you in order for the best (my assumption maybe wrond i think this one )

I fight the urge dissociatively. Pain and discomfort are potentially weaknesses leaving your body.

Hell, could be just archon die-off.

still new at the practice, but have found the same as some others, the more you try to ignore something the more pronounced it becomes. I’d acknowledge it, scratch it if you need to, take some breaths, and go back to the work. Good luck to ya

The most important thing in theurgy is to remain still, if you resist the urge to scratch you will be better for it, and whatever progress you have made will accelerate after it subsides. my legs go numb if I resist the urge to scratch my knee for example.

It depends on what you’re doing though. If you need to ask this question I would say leave it be.