Meditation on the Lower World

I’m reposting this because I don’t have anyone that is knowledgeable about this so if anyone has any insight please share it with me. Thank you :pray:t4:

Also, do you know how I’m able to in a sense, be able to go into the darker spiritual world? You know how when you meditate and you try to go to the lower world or higher world (i.e 4th, 5th dimensions…) I’ve found that I have better chance of communicating with the spirits when I go to where they are located. Instead of them coming to me. Though I have trouble accessing that part. The grim reaper, maybe doesn’t want me to go there since he has tried to stop me, in fear of me not being able to get out. I was able to talk to him, then when he was done, he “pushed” me back into the middle world.

Though I guess there are times that when I meditate, I can’t get out of the trance. When I open my eyes, I can tell that I’m in my room, sitting down but my body won’t budge. So when I close my eyes again, I can physically feel my spirit guide try to shake me out. It doesn’t last long. Thought it should be pointed out.:slight_smile:

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4th dimension is the three dimensional plane plus time so “we” dont live in the 3rd we live in the 4th
5th dimension is the upper one
I’m not sure why you would want to go there, is not safe
3rd dimension beings are not like us
they wouldn’t understand your ways they are quite more “raw” then us, so it can be really dangerous to go there not knowing what you could find
if something is keeping you out of there is for your own safety

I know that you are right, and I’m playing a dangerous game, but I have dreams, premonitions, like someone is calling out to me in urgency. At the end of the day, whatever misfortunes that happen to me is my fault and no one else’s.

someone calling like a misfortunate shadow calling for help?
I think you might fall directly into a trap who does not know it is a trap

anyway if you still want to do it, I think you should probably connect with the so called “sacred geometry” specially metatron’s cube, and the platonic solids
as they can explain dimensions better than I

most of the info you can find about that is just half information of new age people
i think you should meditate on those thing by yourself and understanding them

as you might find the way to step in there, and then maybe you wont wish to go there
anyway that’s my best advice

metatron’s cube and the platonic solids

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Most the “worlds” you go to in this sense are mostly mental in nature.

No world is really safe mental or “real” the lower world I’m use to is one full of nature, animals, spirit animals, and so forth.

However, the worlds outside our minds (as new agers call them 3rd, 4d, 5d, etc) aren’t in a lower to higher fashion, yes they vibrate faster or slower than one another but one isn’t more dangerous than the other.

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the shamanic lower world is a realm of nature
I think he is talking about the 3rd dimension
which is another thing

anyway if @Briizxy is talking about the shamanic lower world then my answer is out of the matter

It’s not like a misfortune shadow calling for help is more like a lost soul per se. like no one can hear it but me I guess… idk how to explain it…

In most views the 3rd dimension is this one, and that would make it the middle world.

science can not messure that a second is the same lenght than another second that’s why they dont call time a dimensipon but it is our fourth dimension

I personally don’t believe in hell but how I can describe what I’ve traveled to but haven’t been able to cross into is a bridge in the forest and there’s a whole bunch of spirit lining up at the door per se and the Grim Reaper is allowing them to cross That’s what I’m talking about

anyway if you are talking about a 3rd dimentional being it can be a trap that even this being does not know about

In my experience “hell” is but a nation also called the infernal but that’s another story all together. However, based on what you’re saying it sounds like you’re possibly entering a specific underworld because the “grim reaper” is a psychopomp which is a general term for multiple entities who play that role.

Cernunnos stands and does the same for the gaul pantheon, Azrael for the judeo, and so forth.

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also if you say we are the 3rd dimension and we are the middle world that would mean there are only 5 dimensions
2 below the 3rd and 2 above
which would make five
what makes you think there are only 5 levels?

Uh, when did I claim there was 5? I think the entire process of numbering the dimensions to be new age hogwash or atleast someone’s limited understanding of the possible nigh finite planes.

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you claimed it was the third and middle one
that would make 5 by logic unless you number dimensions with negative numbers as well

Yea, that’s more of a simpler way to say it. But that’s what I’m trying to get into. I’m having memories about this girl being murdered and that’s not a pleasant sight so I just want to get to the bottom of this so I can have a peaceful rest. I feel like over all the lost souls that don’t have good intentions can’t really get to me because I don’t have the fear that maybe they feed on too.

Please don’t nitpick what you want to read, I said many believe this is the 3rd dimension, I never said I adhere to the nonsense of people numbering planes.

I use the shamanic terms for upper, middle, and lower, that’s not numbering them nor is it saying they are the only ones either.

That is your own understanding not my own.

Were you watching her or were you in the place of her?

I understand
my mistake as i took you for an adherent of that belief , sorry

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I was her and it was terrifying, I saw her sister get shot in the head by this man that was chasing us and this man did not look like a regular man and then we went into this house. the couple that was in the house welcomed us and that was honestly kind of suspicious, And then we got in the house we went upstairs and then the man that was chasing us came into the house and killed both of us. The time era of this memory was in the 1980s.