Meditation on Belial's enn

So I’ve honestly been a bit intimidated by the thought of Belial and working with him due to what people usually say about him(being a harsh teacher and all). I’ve decided to start my prepatory immersion for a coming ritual by connecting with his energy through his enn. His energy started to build in my body very quickly. The only visual I got was seeing a bunch of orbs with my eyes close which were still visible once I opened my eyes. Is it safe to assume he showed up along with his legions or atleast a portion of them?

Any insight would be appreciated. I am still buzzing from it. It’s a great feeling.

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Knowing Belial as my patron daemon, permanently possessing me, his energy feels powerful enough to be considered him and his legions, but in my experience it’s usually not. He usually reserves his legions for his workings, rather than King Paimon who has them create a grand Kingly entrance. It is amazing though, no doubt about it.

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As for being intimidated, he’s going to exploit that to test your worth. Be on guard for that.


Thanks man. One question, since you are obviously very acquainted with Lord Belial can you ask him what he’d like as an offering for the ritual I will be performing with him? I’d assume he already knows what I plan to do. Much thanks if you can man.

chocolate cake… He literally wants a homemade chocolate cake…


Hahaha thanks man. And so I need to dedicate the whole thing or a slice

he wants you to dedicate the whole thing by eating 1 piece every day.

how do you feel now compared to when you were normal, and what kind of black alchemy have you done so far

i feel energies in such a weird way, my body isnt used to any higher vibrational energies

Will do. Thanks man.

I feel like I can wield wrath better than most can. I can even direct it to love workings usually. My extent of black alchemy knows no bounds, as just being in contact with Belial will initiate deeper and deeper levels of black alchemy, and he’s with me 24/7.

its easy to know that he is around , you feel that sinister Vibe that he brings with him.

he is not subtle,leaves no doubts.

so you will know very well when he is around.


so youre feeling more of a disciplined and control vibe rather than dreamlike?

if you get what im saying

:thinking: Hmmm I wonder about that one.

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he’s really weird once you get to know him.

@Nolan_Toney no lies detected lol

King Belial does have a strong presence. Iv been working with him for a few months now (since about the end of November). He has a unique energy (at least in my experience) that may seem dark or maybe even intimidating to a few.
So far for me, despite his strict outside, he enjoys helping people with their personal growth and respects you and your boundaries. Though he will try and test you to see how well you will do, he is so vast in the “level” category. What I mean is, unlike some that prefer more experienced practitioners or some that predominantly works with newer ones, if he feels like he be a good fit, he could stay with you for years working and different and some times vast subjects.
As far as I have offered him, besides my honesty and devotion to my own path and growth in self, I have offered him hand made things. I love drawing so I have made custom sigils for him as well as other things. He seems to enjoy things that you put time and work into besides blood of course :joy: But at least my experience he chooses a picture I have done or a hand made candle with energy and intent pores into it.
He is a complex yet not complex person. Just like a onion you might learn something new about him. I feel as though he has so much that I yet have had the honor of experiencing that may or may not be said already on the forum, example chocolate cake :joy: He is truly an amazing person and one I highly recommend working with or at least try and get to know.

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I felt pretty honored making and eating that cake. Hahaha

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