Meditation, Mental Chatter, And A 7-Day Challenge - Who's In? ☼ September 2020 Round 2!

@Lady_Eva does posture matter when meditating? Is it okay if your back is half way straight?

Do the best you can, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, especially to begin with.

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Day 6

Timeslot - 20 min

Location - room, sitting chair

Environment - daytime, faint noise of people talking outside.

Notes - my muscle tenses up less now

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Day 7 (Final)

I honestly wasn’t feeling 100% today not only that but I kept getting interrupted, so I ended up meditating a little later.

Timeslot - 20 min.

Location - room, sitting chair.

Environment - daytime.

Notes - My left ear started to ring heavly and caught me off guard a little bit.

Ill definitly give this a whirl as I too will hop in on this as I am not strict with my meditation and need to be.

I just got called out in a meeting for laughing out loud at this. Thanks for getting me in trouble lol.