Meditation is so boring

I am doing the blueray meditation from EA. 10 minutes a day.

Its so boring. Nothing happens. I honestly don’t get the point of it. Its not getting rid of random thoughts in my mind from popping up.

Try aiming for more than 10 minutes and use breathing techniques in combination with visualisation. To call it boring only holds you back from it being a utility.

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Make it less boring :slight_smile: Listen to music - no lyrics - look at something you love to see. As long as your mind is “not thinking” then you can do anything you want, enjoy yourself. Meditation is not torture.

Focus on something, instead of nothing.

Your random thoughts should popup, you simply acknowledge them, notice them as they popup in your mind, then let them pass… let them go. Do not allow them to bother you. That requires alertness, concentration, not just sitting there waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen, or something could happen, that’s not your concern. Your concern is to remain centered and balanced. Alerted without forcing yourself to be alert.

The point of meditation is train your mind to concentrate, and experience this balanced state, this alertness. So you can know it and use it at will in your magickal practice. Without it, nothing will work. Spells, rituals, evocations etc they all require his skill. That’s why you need it.

It’s nothing new, you do it all the time in your daily life. When you concentrate on writing, or focus on the TV watching a movie, laying in bed listening to music… when you focus on one thing, one activity and forget everything else… that’s meditation.

The only difference here is that you do it intentionally and it is the goal in itself, not the activity you focus on doing. That’s the only difference. And as you use it in life to focus on something, you can also use it to focus on nothing. It’s the same thing but different target. Again, the goal is not focusing on nothing, but to train your mind to understand what its doing. To understand the difference between the act of concentration, and the target of your concentration. And build the skill to change that target at will.


Indeed meditation is super boring, as I like to say “When I’ll Ascend I’ll find my self incapable of standing up anymore, I’ll be like a living Buddha”.
And that’s why I try to avoid it when I can. I prefer Tai Chi and Qigong instead.
P.S.: I used to meditate 10 hours per day… 10 minutes is nothing really.
P.S.2: Also, introduce yourself in the New Magician Help & Introduction category as it’s not optional. It’s one of the rules around here.

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It’s a forum rule that you must make an introduction in either the introduce yourself thread or as a standalone thread in the new magician’s section, before making any other posts. Please make this the next post you make.
As for your meditations, it should be an active process rather than a passive one. Focus on your energetic centres and connecting with the spiritual side if existence: if you’re bored, you’re probably doing it wrong.

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