Meditation help please

So well I’m meditating 1 hour a day around 10 pm in once I get my breathing good
I get in this state like sleep but I’ll somethimes I will just jump out that state after 1 hour but sometimes don’t jump out this state and the next morning I can’t remember getting up and going to my bed
Am I just falling asleep or is something


try meditating earlier, say 30 minutes to and hour after waking in the morning, and if you have to go to bed early, wake early allowing yourself time to focus

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It sounds like you are entering the hypnogogic state, Theta, which is the state between waking and sleeping. In this state, conscious thought slows down and becomes difficult, so memory fades. It is one of the reasons why, after ritual, the student is always told to immediately record their experiences, because it will fade quickly, like a dream.


Thank you somethimes I see things and some times it goes dark


Thank you I’ll try that


DK rasies a good point, you might write thoughts, feelings, images down shortly after too

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What ever your problem is, try to avoid thinking and it is easier by using Tactile Imaging on the Chakras like Robert Bruce taught it in his Books Energy Work & Astral Dynamics.

I have a kemetic elemental-like “parasite” (but a friend and Modul) who disturbs me in my Meditations. Maybe you got it as well over crooked ways because I lowered his astral and mental “thickness” if you understand. They were sent into the whole world. It is his people which spreads. Directly related to him.

Best of Luck.


for me i feel like something is holding me in the throat