Meditation experiences

I honestly have no clue where to put this but anyways- I was meditating and on my left side, i felt this like warm pressure and energy spreading through my body.

It was only in two places, on my lower back and a little under my shoulder and it definitely felt like two hands (or something close ) that were deliberately placed there and said hands just had energy spreading through my body.

It was honestly such a great experience. But I have no clue what it means. Like obviously it could’ve been the complete opposite of energy spreading and it was energy being taken away by something but whatever was there felt really safe and comforting so I say thank you to whoever it was.

I evoked Haagenti the other day and maybe it was him. I have no clue.

I can still feel the pressure even if its less present. It’s still very nice.


Is the energy you feel anything you recognize?(the energy “signiture”)
If its not you should do a banishing.
You could do a divination on what it might be, at first i thought it might be a sexual spirit (Succubus/Incubus) but it might not.

Anyways i hope you figure it out, and if you need anything just ask

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I’ve only felt energy once and it was when I evoked seere but his energy was all over my back- not only on one side and this energy didn’t feel like his but I could be wrong.

Do I really need to do a banishing if it felt good?

If you dont feel the need to banish you dont have to. You should do a divination though, or you could reconnect with there energys then try to meditate/channel it or do a divination with it.

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I’m unsure how to do a divination on it but I’ll look into it

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someone hugging you, you can use a pendulum for divination but enchant it so you only get the truth through it, or ask elrond

Elrond’s soul is currently in a hibernation of sorts.

It ended up being a nasty so I banished it.


How do you do one? I did one before (forgot how it went or what I said, hence my asking) on my very first encounter and attempt to summon. Pretty sure, enough I’d bet my kidneys on it, it was the ghost of a previous member of my little culldesac (spelling?) who was scaring my family. Turns out he killed himself after murdering his wife.

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Well you could do the exorcism from KoF. of since its easy to find The Lords Prays works well for a Solar banishing and cleansing for more lunar/chaos spirits, you could also combine with with holy water which is pretty easy to make.

You mean “Kingdom of fire”? I spent alittle looking for what KoF meant. Wanted to be sure.

Yes I did.