Meditation before (calling on sacred names) before Reiki seems to increase power

In the past two days I have changed up my routine, and I think it has been for the worse.
My first factual statement will be this, I am very new to all this and am unsure if I should just trust my own observations, which is why I am asking here.

In general, I get off work, do a Cabbalistic Cross, than I do an invoking LRP, than I vibrate God Names, and finally I do a sort of shower of lights (coating the outside of the egg) kind of energy circulation and hardening for the Aura…

The last 2 days I have not done the Golden Dawn type stuff and have just went into the Reiki. One of the ways I think I can tell if it is working or not is from the heat between your hands and your body. If I do the GD stuff first, my hands get hot, not burning hot but much hotter than regular body temperature.
If I don’t do the GD type meditation first, that heat is gone. It is a little warmer but not much.

Is heat a good indication of the strength of healing you are doing on yourself. And is my assumption that the LRP (and associated meditations and name vibrations) are amping up the self healing I do.

I also tend to do prayer during the self healing and I visualize whatever color the Chakra I am working on is.
I also ask Reiki masters and guides to help me when I channel Reiki, but I don’t have any guides or masters that I know, I do, however, interact with the LRP angels everyday in my exercises, so I ask them in. Could that be the difference.

Final question, what is another meditation I can do to add to the Cabbbalistic Cross, invoking the LRP, the God Names and shower of light.
Is there another meditation I can do that is better or at least different so it pushes me. I like being comfortable with the LRP, but I am a lazy person, so I also need to push a little.

The heat is simply an expression of the energy you are channelling. If you are regularly performing the Golden Dawn rituals, then your body has adapted to the influx of energy.

Reiki is a specific energy current. You most likely feel less heat when you channel it because you do not practice it as often as the GD stuff, and so it feels more subtle to you.

Do you also do the Middle Pillar?

I believe so, there are 5 centers I work on. I concentrate on one than vibrate the name associated, than on to the next.
It is taught in several books but the instructions I understood best came from a Llewellyn blog post, maybe because I read about it before and I had a foundation to work from, or maybe because he just explained it better. I don’t know, but that one seemed to make the most sense.

So everyone claims that this Cabbalistic Cross, the LRP (most of the time I invoke, although I started out banishing), I think the middle pillar, and finally the shower of light are something I do each day.

I became interested in Reiki because I thought it might expedite my growth magickally. I think Reiki is helping me sort out some psychological issues, I assume a mind you are in control of is helpful in magich but it is not the direct connection I hoped for. For instance, I think Reiki might help me better use the law of attraction but I don’t think it will help me to invoke/evoke any sort of spirit.
Reiki seems to be passive, whereas the other seems to be pumping you up to do something.

For instance, the Golden Dawn YouTube channels talks about stepping into a God form. I would not try and stoke myself up with Reiki to do something like that, the energy is not the same.

Like I wrote earlier, I am brand new to all this stuff, I could be totally wrong and not even be smart enough to know I am on the wrong path.

That makes sense because Reiki is primarily a healing modality. It’s original form is a Japanese method of energetic healing.

Contrary to all the stupid New Age versions that Westerners like to make up (as if “Celtic Reiki,” is a legitimate tradition) to fully use Reiki requires what are called “attunements” which function in a similar way to initiation in other spiritual traditions.

That isn’t it’s purpose. As I said, Reiki is a current for healing. The practitioner channels the energy through themselves and into the patient. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Law of Attraction, which is a modern creation very loosely based upon Hermetic principles.

In my opinion, you are mixing two completely different energetic currents, that of Reiki and that of Western Ceremonial magick, so that is why one feels stronger than the other.

That is because an attunement is required. In the original Reiki, it is during the attunement where you connect to the full current and receive the permission of the spiritual founder, who acts as the Ascended Master of the tradition.

There are quite a few people here who have received Reiki attuenments so maybe they can chime in and be of more help.

Try the GD hexagram rituals.