Meditation/astral projection (in various forms)

I used to experience this while I was sleeping, I felt like my soul or astral body was floating above me while I was sleeping, then I would feel a massive jolt and wake up and I was wide awake.
I was a teenager at the time this used to happen, I wasn’t aware of astral projection at the time. Is or was this astral projection? Can you actually project yourself and not realise what you are doing?

Whenever I meditate, I feel as heavy as a stone in the occean, I feel energy around me, I feel like I am being touched, I also feel light and weightless like a feather. Not sure if that is normal if you are psychic, and empath, witch etc…
I feel a bit sleepy after meditation, I feel pain in my third eye or a tingling feeling. If I think of a specific person or deity during meditation, I feel energy around me, and I am being touched on my face or my arms. It’s a bit difficult to explain unless anyone here has experienced the same thing.

Indeed, sleep is unconscious astral projection and these experiences may have been actual OBEs… Meditation may trigger sleep, one of the possibilities may even be that a consciousness shift is about to happen. Pain in the third eye, I don’t know whether it is normal or a sign of “block”.

Astral projection can happen conscious and unconscious. Sometimes under used or un trained chakras can cause pain. It’s important to keep the energetic system health and clean when doing astral projection. Also, people can partial project and be stuck at a chakra point.

I’m not sure if some things I experienced was astral projection or something else I have had a few psychic bonds with different people and they said they were thinking about me when they were sleeping, I felt their energy and astral body touching me while I was sleeping
So did they astral project to me and then we had sex. I wasn’t doing astral projection, but I had a psychic bond with the person at the time. With a different person I felt their energy and astral body around me and touching me, when I was awake. He is a sanguinarian vampire, I felt him biting me. At the time it was comforting. I
I’m just trying to understand how certain things I have experienced have happened, or any possible consequences of it happening.

Feeling someone’s energy body touch you isn’t t astral, astral is literally going to the plane.

Aright. So is it because I had a psychic bond with the person?
I’m not involved with them anymore, I didn’t know them that long.
Not sure what is or isn’t normal during a psychic bond.

If they project to your physical body or their energy body/sub to you it’s just the energetic physical.

I didn’t see it but felt their astral body around me.