Meditation and machines!

Hello all. I came across a gadget that supposedly helps with meditation. I’ve always struggled with it and have always wondered if I’m doing it right or in the right mindset, etc. Now this gadget is supposed to be able to give you feedback real time to let you know what state you are in. I’m wondering if it could be helpful to get into the required states? I’m still learning about the “TGS” Theta Gamma Sync and if it could be helpful. Has anyone tried this device or a similar one? Anyone heard of it? Thanks! Oh and just to clarify, I wouldn’t be relying on the device. I’m just wondering if it could help with getting to the proper states in meditation. Once I knew HOW I got there, then I could continue doing it without the device. Or so my reasoning goes.


I never used but heard of such devices. There are some variations of it based on sounds ( ie isochronic … ) and colors.

Their effects are identified as placebo for some experts ( not a fact though) the point is that they are generally safe.

Even I may not recommend such devices or drugs to reach altered states, sometimes we all may need such assistance / placebo at least to get familiar with such states of mind.

However as you said, better to use, them temporarily.

Good luck

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