Meditation Abruptly Ends

Frequently when I meditate I get to a state where I become completely relaxed and then it feels as if my mind realizes i have stopped breathing and this electrical jolt shoots up my body from my feet forcing me (or maybe i force myself) out of the meditative state. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar sensation and any help on countering this effect to continue. Its not an uncomfortable feeling just something instinctual that wont let me press on.

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It is normal. I haven’t had the electrical shock feeling yet but my mind makes my body itch, starts talking to me, or makes my body tingle sometimes when I meditate and sometimes it does nothing.

The only way to counter it is by ignoring it. When it happens acknowledge it but don’t focus on it and then keep going. If it is from how you are sitting, change position, use a pillow, or sit in a chair while meditating.

The brain isn’t used to meditation and does things to get us out of it. By ignoring these sensations the brain learns it is ok to meditate and will stop interrupting you. It just takes time and practice. Of course if pain is involved then a different position is required especially if blood circulation is being cut off.

Hope this is helpfull in at least the slightest.

Yes thank you, I’ve had itching and whatnot and mostly I can ignore these small things but I guess I will need to just practice more so my body doesn’t think I’m about to die or whatever. I appreciate your response and the advice you have given.