So lately I’ve been trying to meditate, I’m not like a pro but I try. When I get deep in the meditation I always pass out like for 10 or 20 min. I know I dream something when I pass out, and I feel like what I dream in that time is important but I never remember it doesn’t matter how much I try. I’ve try keeping records on my dreams to remember better but I never remember the dream I have when I’m meditating. Is this like common or is it a entity trying to reach me?

Are you meditating laying down or in a relaxed sitting position?

Siting down

No back support?


Strange. So you’re meditating in an upright position with no back support. In that case it sounds like you just need to pick your timing better. You’re exhausted when you meditate. Try meditating after a good night’s sleep. After you are fully awake.


Okay I’ll try that

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I second this lmao , who passes out with no back support


Yeah, i love sitting in chairs or walking meditation. Atm, in Georgia, this yard has a lot of sand in spots, sun, humidity so its summer meditation for me. In a lawn chair. Ahhhhhhhb!!!

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