Medication and psychic abilities

Hi :blush:

I’m trying for months now to develop my psychic abilities.
Because of my pathologie I have to take medecine to lower my suffering, I have a Spinal cord injury, so obviously my medecines work on the brain + spinal cord as it is to lower neuropathic pain.

I was wondering if the medicines I take can block my abilities to unblock my psychic senses?

I’ve been trying the incantation “mesh karel lhun…” for days, binaural beats, meditation, Ea’s exercise with the red inverted pentagram saying “alash tad…”, I asked Lucifer to help me …
I used to be afraid of dark and entities, but since my first evokation (more than 3 months ago) I’m not.

I’m tired to try so many things as i feel im kind of losing myself and doing shit…

What’s your point of view and advises?

Thank you :black_heart::black_heart:

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The binaural I use.


Location changed.

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Good vid, I use the same.


The absence of fear when confronted with darkness/void was absolutely my first step in LHP personal ascension. That’s such a great sign, and if you’re like me you probably find great comfort in these things now. So- hell yeah, keep it up.

-On the topic of medication:
I’ve got a plethora of medical issues and as a result I’ve found myself on/off various medications. My most recent struggle was with a bunch of different antidepressants, but I’ve also been prescribed different pain/sleep/ect medication at times.

Most of my personal experience has been an initial ‘shock’ period where my physical/spiritual equilibrium is disrupted, followed by a gradual normalization.

Sometimes medication completely nerfs my spiritual acuity and makes me feel like all of my progress was erased (such as with SSRI’s or other antidepressants). Other times, I feel like a fucking left-hand path Ferrari. Both these extremes can seriously disrupt your personal progress, but ultimately you will normalize to the new medicine.

Just know that everyone’s a bit different, but you’re not alone in the sense that other people on the path have delt with similar issues. ie- me.

Good luck, buddy.


How often do you use it?

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Thank you for your answer it gives me hope haha.
I’m trying to lower my medication as much as i can…

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Chronic physical pain is a real bitch.

However, you’re entitled to as much relief as you want. There’s no need to feel guilty about taking something prescribed to you by a professional. Hell, if you want to take ‘H’ or pursue a more permanent (not suggested) solution you’re also well within you personal liberty to do so.

That’s what the left hand path is all about, individual liberation.

Feel free to dm if you have any specific or more personal questions, I’m not a medical professional but I’ve been through and lot- willing to share my experience strength and hope.


Thank you, i will :).
I’m looking to lower medication for health reasons too, as all they are bad for health and cause me issues. I would like to test Cbd ,it’s a product extract from cannabis but without the Thc and his effects. It is still considerate as food complement but some people get good results.


@Gwenevere, you have to look at when you do a ritual. You can try it before you wake-up (before taking the meds) or after.

Please try to focus on everything you get out of these rituals:

  1. Write your intend/goal/question down with a date.
    See whatever comes up or changes in your life
    a) thoughts
    b) certain youtube vids
    c) articles, books
    d) senses (like feel their energy)

  2. that you don’t hear them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Most of the time they are there. Mostly you block yourself with the thought they aren’t there.

  3. Talk to them even if you think they aren’t there. Change your mindset that they are there and listening.

  4. Could be that your more open to telepathy and don’t distinguish your voice from them.
    The answers you don’t have the time to think about, are mostly from them

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I try to use it once a day (evocation or meditation, if you have time both). Please think of protection and banishing to.
I’ve written something quite simple here, it comes in handy when opening senses:

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Thank you for your answer.
I did a successful evokation with Marbas as i had visions about a lion … but it’s just a beginning to me, i want to be able to talk with them.

I often hear voices during the day but it’s like whispers, i can’t understand a single word.

For the medication I always have them in my blood even if I wait to take them before work. But I’m planning to change one of them I found something extract from cannabis but without the “high” effect. I hope it will help me a little.

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