Meaning of visions

I have been going over this, and can’t seem to be getting anywhere on my own. One of my guides told me to consult this forum so I am. During an evocation for furthering my spiritual ascent, I began to see visions. Azazel (the entity I was speaking to) told me to analyze these visions, and I will get the progress I seek. The visions were as follows:
I heard the desert wind, the noise so subtle but all-consuming, before seeing endless desert. From which there was no escape. I saw the stars, the milky way right before my eyes. At the moment of awe the vision switched to me being drowned, being held down by the neck. It seemed like forever until the vision changed. I was then on the cross, as a beautiful man kissed my cheek- upon looking into his face, it changed back and forth from a man to a pink/reddish skinned demonic horned figure, to a being completely made of darkness. Then I saw my body on the cross, bloody and empty of life before my corpse on the cross turned into the ten spheres of the Qliphoth. The man then ripped my body, limb from limb. He took my eyes from my sockets but I could still see. He then took me to a valley of darkness. Nothing but darkness. No sound, no life, nothing. Just, nothing.
“You will be purified, then corrupted.”

Any ideas on what these visions mean? I’ve been googling for like 3 hours and barely have found anything that helps.
Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

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Wow intense vision hope someone has clues for you I’ have nothing to offer that seems relevant mainly just bumping.

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Your body turned into a husk of your former self, so it will be filled with the “corruption” of Sitra Ahra. Dying and being torn apart seems like purification in this vision.
Killing/purifying you and removing what doesn’t serve you anymore, so you can further your ascent. Your physical eyes were removed, but you could still see, showing that what makes you you isn’t just your current body & ego.
The darkness is the unknown that you may face ahead in your path.

That’s my interpretation. Hope it helps.