Meaning of 100328

Today, I had an interesting experience with Marbas. It was… enlightening. A few more of these, and any doubts in my mind will be gone.

Okay, so I was reading a new paper on S-nitrosylation and aging (remember, I’m a medical scientist), and I was trying to reconcile it with my work. I was up against a wall and needed very much to get unstuck. I didn’t think to call on Marbas (or any spirit for that matter) - instead, he came to me.

Suddenly, I felt a bizarre sensation, a warmth across my back, sides, and neck. It was pleasant; comforting in a way. And then to my left behind my computer screen, in my mind’s eye, I saw the face of a stern yet kind lion. He didn’t speak, but showed me the number 100328. I don’t know what it means.

(Layman’s TL;DR at end of paragraph.) The first thing I did was put 100328 into Google. It is a product number for a commercially available antibody against human CD3ε, a component of the Cluster of Differentiation 3 (CD3) that complexes with the T Cell Receptor (TCR) to physically interact with the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC-II). At first glance, that doesn’t make any sense in the context of my research. But I have a couple bizarre ideas on how it might fit in; I have to check some internal mass spectrometry data to find out. TL;DR: Maybe 100328 is supposed to point my research direction?

On a more esoteric level, I’m not a numerologist by any stretch. So, what do you guys think? What is 100328?

As a starting point you could add up all the numbers:

1+0+0+3+2+8= 14

You could look up what 14 means on a quick google search like so:

Then simplify 14

1+4= 5

and research the number 5 and so on, see what rabbit hole that brings.

For example Marbas is the 5th spirit of the goetia. 5 is representative of Mercury which is also Marbas element. What does Mercury mean to you? Mercury is one of the 7 metals in alchemy, and that it could hold the key to mastery over life and death (I am not well read on alchemy, just remember that tidbit). Mercury is also a planet. Mythology is interesting and may point to veiled truths. Maybe meditate on the number 5. There are a lot of strings you can pull at there

I personally think that your ideas of the CD3 might be really interesting, as Marbas is known to give disease and take it away. He might be giving you a hint to something extraordinary.

Im not big on the whole number thing xD I dont know a lot about it so all I can advise is research.

You might find something interesting. Dont be afraid to draw lots of lines xD You might see something you didnt when you take a step back and look at the whole of your search.

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That’s interesting; I didn’t think to do that. Do you know why I wouldn’t have been given the shorter number in the first place, though? Or could it be meant to have multiple meanings to convey a more complex idea?

Exactly, that’s what I was thinking. Perhaps this is the case! It’s proving harder to verify than I would’ve imagined, but I suppose a demonic President wouldn’t exactly want to go too easy on me… so, let’s put this together from two angles - science and numerology. :slight_smile:


The number 100328 has the following meanings in science:

  • Anti-CD3ε murine IgG antibody product number
  • Dienogest drug product number, where dienogest is a testosterone derivative that is a progesterone receptor agonist and antiandrogen; I cant help but notice that it could be used to make a man become more feminine, something I’ve wanted for a while
  • Murine NGF (nerve growth factor) ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kit product number
  • E1A adenovirus control protein viral transfer plasmid product number
  • PIR57077, a piRNA-coding gene, where piRNA is PIWI-interacting RNA that may regulate retrotransposons, form RISC complexes to silence genes, and guide specific DNA methylation events; PIR57077’s alternative identifier is GC12M100328
  • Octahydronaphthalenone, also known as 2-decalone, chemical ID; this chemical is used in perfumes, but it’s biological effects are uncharacterized

I will try evocation again to determine which of these, if any, that President Marbas is trying to direct me to.


I can’t help but notice the symbolism here. I’ve been seeking out physical transformation for myself that resembles that of a werewolf for years. Werewolves traditionally turn on the full moon. What do you think - am I stretching in making that connection?

I was interested by this as well. Osiris later becomes the God of Death and the Underworld. I am trying to defeat ageing, and by extension, death. So there’s that…

I’ve wanted for a while to feminize myself in such a way as to display both male and female qualities. Could this be a reference to that?

Anyways, any insight or comments you have would be much appreciated!

A Zip code somewhere in New York with the first digit of the “plus four” addition to that code?

The funny thing about that quote is as I was looking over that page, that passage stuck out to me, but I decided not to quote it xD

You should continue your work with Marbas, and I feel that number will become clearer in time. It may be a day later, or months later. Realizations happen when they happen. Take things as you go. It could be the first breadcrumb, but is just that: a crumb. A step.

I wouldnt know as I am not Marbas.

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Aren’t ZIP codes 5 digits though?

Sounds like good advice; I certainly will. As a point of curiosity, I’m a little embarrassed about President Marbas obviously knowing many of my internal taboo thoughts/desires/secrets - on a level from 1 to 10, how silly is that? :confused:

I wouldnt say that it is silly, that discredits how you feel about it.

Instead, I would say that it will take time to get used to spirits and what they know/perceive about you. Right now you are just waking up your own senses and opening to your true self and potential. Its something for you to work past, but luckily it sounds like you have a mentor in that regard.

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