Me presento

I introduce myself, my name is Erick, I’m from Ecuador and I’m 20 years old, Scorpio of sun and moon
My native language is Spanish, I speak little English

I like the magic of evocation, witchcraft, enchantments, I also usually make necklaces, bracelets, with quartz that I find or metals and charm them as relics for my use, or rarely for a person, I have evoked Leraje and Dantalion, my current goals they are to follow my path, to help those who can give them support or to generally advise non-magical people, I usually help with spells to magicians, among magicians we help each other.

If I had my own gifts, they would be to learn quickly, CONTROL MY FEELINGS, constantly improve and learn from others’ mistakes, I always find a way to do something and I rarely make mistakes without reason.

I have obtained “powers-knowledge” after evoking those two, of course, with their non-serious consequences, lately I have made them “relics.”
My next goal to evoke is Vine, then some spirit especially to have work-money and I think after that, stop evoking for a while.

At another time I upload images of the amulets / relics I made to Dantalion, Leraje and Vine.

Two of my favorite phrases are:

Love is a noble heart, there is no difference, from Dante Alighieri
and this, and forget who: There will be angels and demons, but in me there is a dragon.

My path is: Help who can, showing how to help yourself and grow, learn from your mistakes, find solutions and adapt them to me, grow with each person I know and interact, even to continue helping, several people respect me They love me and admire me for it.

this was translated by google


Hola bienvenido al foro, también soy latinoamericana :slight_smile:


Hola, me fue algo complicado incluso tener que traducir


jejeje, no quedó tan mal la traducción. Hay muchas personas de distintos paises que también se comunican con el traductor de Google. Yo también estoy trabajando lo del dinero.


Con que lo del dinero?, por ahora soluciono problemas con magia, pretendo a Vine para amplificar el poder, y el poder de escorpio, aunque … si necesito trabajo*

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Busco alcanzar la libertad financiera, me está yendo mejor desde que estoy trabajando en mis bloqueos pero quiero ser libre. Has leido este libro, talvez te ayude :slight_smile: - YouTube Ahh los escorpio siempre logran lo que se proponen, ustedes son muy enfocados y consistentes.

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Che, mejor aflojemos con el castellano antes que venga el caballero oscuro y nos cague a pedos.

Welcome to the forum, Erick. Thank you for making an introduction.


Saben como enviar un mensaje? no tengo ni idea


Hace falta un cierto grado de participación en el foro para que el software te active la función.

A certain degree of participation is needed in order to get that function.


Hola Erick bienvenido! Acá te mando saludos desde Bolivia :slight_smile:


Hey there, folks. Please keep all posts in English, please. It is a rule of this forum and helps facilitate moderation.


Hi!! I’m going to write in English as we were told to! Welcome!!! I’m in US but come from different backgrounds- one of which being of Honduran Decent. I think people in Central and South American are very strong as most have Suchhhh a cool
Bloodline. My husband blood came back as African,Incan, and Myan. He is so powerful and doesn’t even realize :slight_smile: anyways- I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have. You can search literally anything and something will come up :slight_smile: and everyone is cool too


Sorry! He said he can’t read in english, that’s why I answered him in spanish.

I said: Hi Erick, welcome! Greetings from Bolivia


Nice to meet you!

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