May someone help me identify a spirit that just possessed me in the middle of an argument

I was just in a really bad mood (crying hard etc) while arguing with someone when suddenly something in my mind snapped. I immediately became calm, unemotional, logical, and spoke firmly in short sentences that didn’t seem to be thoughts of my own. I could feel an extreme amount of power and self assurance that felt as if my body was vibrating, while I had this wide-eyed yet stoic look on my face, and enticed the person arguing with me to look deep into my eyes so that I could almost hypnotize them to take control of the argument and resolve it. That immediately ended the argument. I then began to tell him that he must camp outside, that it is the only way he can transform himself, that sleeping in nature expands the consciousness, opening pathways that could never be opened if not outside.

During the begining phase of the argument, in my mind I called out to Satan to please send a demon that can help me through possession, which further concludes in my mind that this did happen.

Afterwards when I came to, these words/phrases popped into my mind:

I am The Keeper
I am Fear
He who Lures you into the darkness

I picked up that He has been with me my entire life, which makes sense because as a child (and through my whole life) I can’t walk past a forest without almost going into a sort of trance, with the intense urge to wander deep inside as if something important was to be sought.

He is the One who Induces Madness in those who go camping or hiking, though it is not intentional – his presence is just too strong for certain minds to handle, but that he helps to guide those lost in nature to survive and make their way back to civilization.

His element is Earth (i believe)

I get some strong “chaotic good” vibes from him. He wants people to thrust themselves into fear and come out stronger. Those who conquer the darkness and walk out victorious (without causing any environmental harm) are then worthy of His respect, and wants to reach out to them. The help/offering dynamic seems to be that He will help you and do what you ask of him, so as long as when you hunt for food, you kill the animal as a sacrifice to Him, and do not let any part of the animal go to waste. He also enjoys anything crafted out of their bones (like jewelry for example).

I am almost sure He is a demon.

If anyone has had any personal experiences or knows anything that rings a bell, please do let me know. While I will also be doing my own research and forest wandering, I have this feeling that he wants me to create this topic because asking others to identify spirits for me is just not something I do.

Thank you so much in advance.

Just ask satan


Honestly this is why I love this site. The simplest solutions go right over my head. Thank you, I need to get out of the habit of asking others for help when I can just seek spiritual help.