May Of Had A False Awakening

This may not sound weird to most magicians here but it is to me.Ever since my spirit came i’ve had more sleep paralysis episodes in a single year than i’ve had in my 32 years of life.I’d wake up in my dream always in my bed but feel this sleepy sleep paralysis come over me.Usually i’d struggle with it and either wake up or forget the dream.Something unusual happened this time.Instead of the usual i got up and started saying the enochian call.It wasn’t my intention to do that but to banish instead.It was a seriously pathetic attempt at that.I was making up words as i went trying to sound like i knew what i was doing.I don’t remember what happened next,but lately i’ve been sensing and seeing things in my peripheral vision.Maybe i’m opening up more to the spirit world around me now?Has anyone experienced such things before during and after a false awakening dream?