Mastering the theta/gamma state

I know the theta/gamma state is crucial if one wants to evoke a spirit (as well as conduct most magickal practices).
I am not really good at meditating at all. I can be mindful, that’s easy, but meditation… Well when I try to meditate I feel I am just silently doing nothing, feeling relaxed.
What are some good ways to get into the theta/gamma state besides meditation? I know some binaural beats claim to work wonders, but I haven’t had any experience with them.
I want to find the EASIEST/FASTEST way to get into that theta/gamma state.

Thanks everyone for your answers!

Hmmmm. For me, the fastest/easiest way WAS/iS through meditation! I don’t know man, some shit just takes a lot of practice…hours until one builds the skills necessary to conduct the desired outcome within moments.

I’ve been practicing Anapansati, Jhana, and Vipassana for a while. Am I a master? No…not yet anyways. BUT, I can tell you from my experience i’m a hell of a lot further developed on my Path then I was last week, last year, or last month!

I’m pretty confident in my abilities at Anapanasati meditation - concentration on the breath. It’s free, the “implement” is always with you, and you can become fairly competent within a few months if you CONSISTENTLY PRACTICE!!! Consistency in building power or any skill has been my experience friend.

if you go this route, I would suggest picking ONE practice to start with and do it until you are confident enough that YOU notice a difference. It took me about a year of consistent (1 to 2x’s per day) practice until i realized for myself what Jhanic States of Meditative Absorption are, and that’s nothing in comparison to Theravada monks or lay practitioners who have been doing this for decades. Vipassana meditation is extremely powerful and one can start to see immaterial and material Reality for what it is. Not what we think it should be, or what we want…

Anyways, my point is their are some things one shouldn’t be in a rush for, and having a strong foundation in Trace States would be one of them (IMHO). Yes, my intention IS to use The Black Arts to get what I want out of my life, but their are things that I want NOW more than others.

I’ll give you an example: right now in my own Black Practices I’m opening sigils that have to do with getting me more money. Why do I want the money so FAST? So I don’t have to work as hard in other areas of my life so I can practice! Practice what - meditation, Black Magick, my music, Iyengar yoga etc…

See? Perhaps redesigning your life right now to free up your time so YOU can practice what you need to practice so YOU (the Master) can drop into Theta/Gamma at the drop of a hat!

Of course this is just one approach. For the time being, I’ve completely cut out a lot of shit in the mundane spheres of my life. TV - waste of my time, dating right now - haven’t met a woman with what I want/need (I’ll use my Art for that), going out to the movies - occasionally.

I’ve re-designed my life for training time in this current cycle to prepare me for the next cycle of KICK-ASSED-NESS. But this is me…my journey…my experiences over many years, and NO ONE can give you YOUR experience!

YOU must find what the QUICKEST/EASIEST way is for YOU.

Be well!!!